Frank Turner @ Rescue Rooms (October 31 2008)

Frank Turner is a sick man. Despite this inconvenience he is cheerful, warm and welcoming and happy to talk to Impact, and what’s more he’s going to play a show tonight. We like him already.



It’s clear that a Frank Turner gig is all about the good times. As he takes to the stage alone for a rendition of ‘The Ballad of Me and My Friends’ he is barely audible over the crowd, and by the time his band join him we’re in full on sing-along party mode, descending into apt mayhem for the punk-fuelled ‘Back In The Day’. Turner’s intimately subtle soundscapes and brutally honest lyrical themes fit perfectly into a room this size, which is soon going to be a very special event, as he is clearly destined for greater things.

About forty minutes through his set, Frank leaves the stage mid-song to an anxious audience. We are greeted by drummer Nigel Powell who tells us that Frank is barely conscious and unable to continue with the show. Cue a barrage of heckling and sharp objects making their way towards the stage. But instead something special happens. The crowd erupts into applause and leaves the venue with chants of ‘Turner! Turner!’ which is testament to a man who clearly has something special here. If this is a show on a bad day, one can’t help but wonder what a good day is like.


Ryan Neal


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