Rise Against “Appeal to Reason”

Rise against have been doing the rounds for a fair few years now, and they know their game. 2006’s The Sufferer and the Witness saw the band at the top of their form, crafting their hardcore inspired punk anthems into sculptures of solid song writing. So does ‘Appeal to Reason’ buckle under the pressure heaped upon it by its predecessor, or does it carry the weight effortlessly?

What we find here is a collection of straight-forward punk songs, which are all thoroughly enjoyable in their own rights, but fail to compliment each other in a cohesive manner. This is exemplified by the token acoustic number sitting uncomfortably between two slabs of balls to the wall rock, which lack the multiple dimensions of their older brothers.

Lyrically the band embrace their political views with a strong hand which seems to suppress the energy these men have built their name on. But this is by no means a bad album – it’s full of catchy hooks that’ll have you singing along from the bottom of your heart to the top of your lungs – it’s just unfortunately overshadowed by an incredible back catalogue.


Ryan Neal


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