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On taking my seat at the Showcase Cinema with half of my brain on the US election, I did not know quite what to expect. Having taken quite a while to get into a slow-starting film I was quickly finding myself learning a hell of a lot about ‘Dub-ya’s’ life. It detailed his college life, his father’s disappointment in him and his floundering public relations skills. Sometimes the narrative was quite complicated, with it switching back and forth from the 1970’s and 2000’s and perhaps this was just to keep the audience engaged with Bush’s character ,maybe because if Stone deployed a linear-narrative, it would have resulted in a mundane plot.

Throughout the film there were little dig’s at Bush’s intelligence, with the former US president being shown repeatedly spitting food whilst talking and making sentences that were grammatically incorrect. The audience lapped this up, especially because the majority them got tickets to this advance screening through an advertisement in The Guardian.

Overall, the film was a great build up to the presidential results and was an excellent insight to Bush’s life and thoughts. However, don’t come to this movie expecting all-out entertainment, come expecting to learn a lot about Bush and expect to have your thoughts twisted for a brief moment as the director creates a slight feeling of empathy for a man who, in the eyes of some is amongst the most evil and stupid in the World. It was definatly worth a watch if you are an avid moviegoer or a keen expert on politics, but I heard many people on the way out saying “well…. It was OK” and this definatly mirrored my thoughts.

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