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Win Tickets to a Screening of ‘Choke’

If you don’t know who Chuck Palahnuik is, you’ll surely be familiar with the most famous adaptation of one of his books, Fight Club, a journey (with a predictable twist) through the mind of a psychotic Ikea critic slash anarcho-syndicalist. Choke is the latest of Palahnuik’s novels to be adapted for the big screen, and early indicators are that it’s a doozy.

The Plot: Victor (Sam Rockwell), in an effort to pay for his demented mother’s (Academy Award® winner Anjelica Huston) private healthcare, engages in a brazen scam. While dining in upscale restaurants, he deliberately chokes on his food, allowing himself to be “saved” by wealthy good Samaritans who grow so close to him in the wake of their heroic Heimlich Maneuvers, they lavish him with cheques. His day job at a historical theme park is no more conventional; and when he isn’t busy being a put upon Pilgrim, gagging violently or visiting the mother who doesn’t recognize him, Victor is cruising sexaholic recovery meetings for action.

The Prize: On November the 19th, Nottingham Cineworld are putting on an exclusive preview screening of the film ahead of its 21st November general release. We have 50 tickets to giveaway so if you want this then best get onto it pronto.

The Question: In Fight Club, what is the first rule of Fight Club?

a) You do not talk about Fight Club.
b) No smoking.
c) No dogs, except guide dogs.

Entries to

Correct entries received a week before the screening will be entered into a draw, and the winners contacted via e-mail.

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