All That Remains @ Rescue Rooms

After ‘persuading’ the bouncer to let us in to the sold out Rescue Rooms, we were greeted by the pounding melodeath of Anterior, who were decent but didn’t bring anything fresh to the scene. The Haunted were up next, and though they had a lot of energy and managed to get the pit going crazy at points, the Swedish metallers failed to inspire and were overall quite disappointing. It didn’t help that they opened their set whilst their guitarist was still tuning either. As hopes began to fade, it was up to All That Remains to save the night from certain doom. They raised the standard of the night well, churning out numbers from their latest release Overcome such as ‘Chiron’, as well as classics such as ‘This Darkened Heart’. Crowd-pleaser ‘This Calling’ descended with fury upon Rescue Rooms, but they were unfortunately let down by some poor sound quality. The guitarist’s amp cut out on more than one occasion, bringing a frustrating feeling of stop-start to music which should be nothing but relentless. Other than this, their show can’t be faulted, and lead singer Philip Labonte deserves credit for a particularly excellent performance, his unyielding screams and vocals being the highlight of the night.


Mathew Lambert


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