Ones To Watch In 2009

Abe Vigoda
One of many exciting bands to come out of the L.A. music scene, which is home to bands like No Age and The Mae Shi, they are regulars on the scene at the experimental, noise venue The Smell and recently signed to Bella Union Records, they’re definitely a band to look out for. Tropical Punk Rock –yes please!

Benoît Pioulard
Thomas Meluch is the very talented 24 year old singer-songwriter and photographer better known by his pseudonym, Benoît Pioulard, under which he creates fragile experimental folk music to fall in love with. Highly recommended.

Fan Death
With much media attention, including their song being played on the runway of Paris Fashion Week and a remix of their debut single “Veronica’s Vail” by Erol Alkan, Fan Death are an electro duo with low-key, italo-disco beats with a touch of the new. Disco is back.

Ipso Facto
As the female answer to The Horrors, Ipso Facto are a four piece group from London who all sport bobs and are bringing the gothic look back big time. Think melodramatic goth-pop that is icy, edgy and cool. And by that very fact, they are surely worth a listen.

Rafael Anton Irisarri
The sell out of his debut album Daydreamers is just one sign alone of Irisarri’s success. Citing influences from Brian Eno to My Bloody Valentine, Irisarri’s music is minimal, haunting and touching. Icy soundscapes that will inspire creativity and reflection, which will unhinge those darkest feelings and sentiments.

The Crayon Fields
Subtle sounds coming out of Melbourne, The Crayon Fields are definitely ones to look out for the New Year. Dreamy and feel-good., they sound like the Beach Boys meets Belle and Sebastian.

Elise Laker


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