Scientific Prizes And Discoveries At The University

A population of unusual red spiral galaxies has been identified by astronomers at the University of Nottingham. The University’s Centre for Astronomy and Particle Theory led a study to examine galaxy evolution, and used images from the Hubble Space Telescope to discover the galaxies.

Dr Steven Bamford, a researcher at the University who led the study, said: “In order to have spiral arms, they must have been normal, blue, spiral galaxies up until fairly recently. But for some reason their star formation has been stopped and they have turned red.”

The ‘Galaxy Zoo’ team used images from the largest ever survey of the local universe – the Sloan Digital Sky Survey – in order to examine the connection between the shapes and colours of over a million galaxies. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers were needed to complete the study.

In another success for the Faculty of Science, scientists at the University’s Schools of Pharmacy and Biosciences have scooped a prestigious national award for their research into allergies. Researchers at the University worked in collaboration with the Centre for Respiratory Research at Nottingham City Hospital to develop a test for up to 5,000 different allergens using just one drop of blood.

Their innovation has won them a Da Vinci award in the Breakthrough Technology category, including a £15,000 prize to use toward furthering their research.

Susannah Sconce


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