The Book Which Changed My Life

Top five, all-time, desert island ways High Fidelity changed me, from least to most important.

1. It’s killed my finances.
I used to be a thieving little bastard when it came to music. I guess I still am a fair amount of the time, but the protagonist Rob Gordon’s expansive record collection showed me the error of my ways. Before High Fidelity I had about ten albums on CD. Now I have over three hundred.

2. It changed what I read afterwards.
I was twelve, and I’d read a proper book now. A grown-up book. It was good too. Maybe I’d read some more…

3. How to make a mix-tape.
Too many rules, can’t explain here. Just promise me you’ll never put two tracks by the same artist on the same playlist. Please.

4. The music.
I’d never listened to Dylan before High Fidelity. I know, right? What the hell was I listening to before? B*Witched? Oh. Yeah. Oops.

5. I list.
Chronically. Top five albums, top five Ben and Jerry flavours, top five films. Top Five Disney Animated Classic Females is a favourite. The Little Mermaid’s Ariel with legs is number one. Ariel without legs is a respectable fourth.

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