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Public Enemies

Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and Channing Tatum star in a crime drama set against the backdrop of America’s criminal gangster era of the 1930s. Impact anticipates another summer film to look out for! Okay, not so much Tatum, (more for the eye candy – fittingly playing Pretty Boy Floyd), but definitely Depp and Bale, two of Hollywood’s greatest actors at the moment (forgiveness must be given to Bale, despite his outbursts he is still one hell of a talent… and British too I might add). Adapted from Brian Burroughs’s Public Enemies, and from the Oscar-nominated director who brought us Collateral and Heat, this looks like another promising venture for Michael Mann.

Ian Aryeh-Thompson

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sod your blockbusters; they’ve got nothing on a Roald Dahl classic. Dahl’s terrific adventure tale would be hard for anyone to balls up, but in the capable hands of Wes Anderson it’s hard to imagine the adaptation being anything short of (excuse the pun) fantastic! This marks Anderson’s first foray into animation following a stunning string of indie hits and he’s gained immediate kudos by casting George Clooney to voice the titular Mr. Fox. I for one can’t wait till November 13th to be transported back to my childhood and see Boggis, Bunce and Bean foiled on the big screen.

Joe Cunningham


James Cameron’s back, and he’s doing sci-fi. If that’s not enough to get you excited then you’re probably a lot less of a nerd than I am. Of course, it wouldn’t be James Cameron if he wasn’t somehow pushing the technological bounds of cinema as we know it, and Avatar is no exception. Utilising the latest in motion capture and 3D technology, Cameron now has an unprecedented level of control over every frame he directs. Hopefully this will find a cure for ‘dead-eye’ syndrome, which blighted the computer-generated characters of Robert Zemeckis’s The Polar Express and Beowulf. Regardless, Avatar isn’t just an IT technician’s wet dream – it promises to be an action packed story, about a physically handicapped war veteran (played by Sam Worthington) who is given an alien body that can be remotely controlled by his own consciousness. Trippy. It also promises to be something unlike you’ve ever experienced within a cinema. We’ve yet to see a trailer, because Cameron wants even that to be perfect.

Charlie Phair

Whatever Works

Woody’s been at it again; the man keeps churning out films like episodes of Eastenders. Dusting off a script he wrote in the 1970s when, you have to admit, everything he did had you in stitches, Woody returns to New York to film a bittersweet summer romance starring Larry David and Evan Rachel Wood. Can you imagine anyone more fitting to play Allen’s movie alter ego with all his upper middle-class quirks and neuroses? Judging by some early reports calling the performance terrific, I guess he has found his match in David. The one thing I find slightly odd about the film considering Allen’s controversial private life (for the record, he did not marry his daughter!), is the coupling of the 61-year-old David with Wood, 40 years his junior. But hey, I guess…whatever works.

Mikko Makela

Where The Wild Things Are

Remember that picture book that you always got Mum and Dad to read before bed, about a boy who imagines wild monsters in the wood? Well, it’s finally coming to the big screen, and it could quite possibly be the best children’s film EVER! Directed by Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, amongst others – Indie lovers swoon), scored by Karen O (lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs), AND with voiceovers from James Gandolfini and Forest Whitaker, things are definitely going to be wild in what is bound to be pure unadulterated & innocently childish fun that will happily see this Impact editor regress to the age of four.

James Warren


My most anticipated upcoming film would undoubtedly be the unnamed sequel to the latest Star Trek movie. Whilst coyly sidestepping questions at the preview press conference, suggesting they were ‘presumptuous’ before the present film had even reached general release, it is clear that both the ensemble cast and crew have enjoyed working together on a film that is also likely to do rather well at the box office. The Abrams-masterminded follow-up is scheduled for release in 2011, guaranteeing at least one more witty and stylish action film to add to the legendary franchise.

Lianne De Mello

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