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cr-ISIS Set to Improve After Shaky Start

Following a crowd surge which left some club-goers injured and led to numerous complaints, the organisers of cr-ISIS have pledged to rectify what they described as a “school boy error” in time for this week’s neon party at Rock City.

The Wednesday event had been forced to move to the new venue after the suspension of nightclub ISIS’ license in the wake of a stabbing incident at the end of August. The incident in question left one man in critical condition and others wounded. While a summary review is in process – with a hearing taking place on the 28th and 29th September – the suspension of the license in the interim made finding a new venue an immediate priority for the organisers of the official university night.

Far outstripping ISIS’ 2,000 capacity, the first cr-ISIS of the year was attended by around 4,000 students. Talking to Impact, Jol Maltby said “As promoters, we were very happy. We got it right in terms of selling tickets”. However, due to this unexpected hype, large numbers began arriving at 9:00pm before proper queues and barriers had been set up.

Without full control from the beginning, co-organiser Andrew Smith said, “We never had proper control of the front”. The result was that a mass of people attempted to surge into the venue with a ferocity which left revellers panicked and – in some cases – injured. The main room was similarly overcrowded, due to the indie/dubstep room not pulling in as many as it could have.

While the promoters argued that the problem was fixed by 12:00, the damage had been done. An apology was sent out the following Friday, and many complaints were received from disgruntled attendees. Maltby stated that “We reacted quickly to try and solve the problem, including opening the other entrance”, but Smith added “While it was a lot of work to change the venue in 10 days, organising 3 rooms instead of 1, it was an embarrassment – it just feels awful.”

In the hope of preventing another such incident for this week’s event, new procedures will be implemented at the door as indicated in the diagram below. Paying and Guest list customers will enter using the entrance to the Rig, while customers with tickets and mobile tickets will queue for the main Rock City entrance. More security will be in place, and the occupancy of the main room will be closely monitored, amongst other improvements.

Smith concluded by pointing out that while many did not have a good night, “the mistakes were so simple that people will see a major improvement at future events”.

Revised cr-ISIS Entrance Plan:
Rock City Entrance Plan

The organisers are interested in hearing any feedback regarding last wednesday or upcoming events, and can be contacted on 07863 130 300.

Dave Jackson

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