Simon Bird Live review

The promise of the Inbetweeners bespectacled geek doing his own thang brought a surprisingly large crowd to the Savoy on the evening of September 26th, eagerly awaiting a night of hopefully not-too-derivative comedy and, at the very least, to see what Stephen Fry had called “amazingly high quality” and “seriously impressive”.

Clearly, Stephen Fry had seen him on a better night, as the talent that graced the Savoy was somewhat less than amazing. An increasingly disgruntled crowd queued in the cold for more than an hour; the show itself took slightly less time than the queue. Come on Mr Bird, you’re not famous or funny enough for us to wait for that long.

The ‘Experimental Gameshow’ format was an amusing concept. Starting with the premise, “The Pope Is Dead”, the audience were cardinals in search of a new pope. One of the audience was to be the lucky winner of the papal position after a series of mental and physical tasks.

Starting off promisingly funny, the show lost momentum towards the end. The line that got the biggest laugh of the night was not even from the host but from a panicked audience member who, after being informed that a priest is ‘father’ and a nun is ‘sister’, decided that a monk is addressed as ‘monker’.

I couldn’t help feeling that £11 for an hour of amateurish gags, coupled with the long wait outside, seemed a rather arrogant build up for a fairly disappointing night. A group of averagely funny students with too much time on their hands and a similar lack of respect for the Catholic Church could easily have come up something just as funny. If last night was anything to go by, this Bird’s career will be as successful as the dodo’s.

Lucy Hayes

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  • Maggie Spencer
    5 October 2009 at 00:08
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    We just saw the same show at Keele University and thought it was equally rubbish. The show started 45mins late despite everyone being seated and the stage ready. Possibly one of the least funny Stand-up shows we’ve ever seen and nothing at all like anything from the inbetweeners. very dissapointed.

  • Tim Palmer
    6 October 2009 at 19:53
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    I also saw him at Keele and thought he was terrible. The funniest part of the whole evening was a slide show he had going at the beginning before the show actually started. Waited ages to be told the Pope was dead, now i’m not a Catholic but its never a great start to a comedy show
    Wasn’t worth the entrance fee

  • abigail
    15 October 2009 at 01:18
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    Just saw this two days ago in Leeds.

    Was not funny. very disappointed

  • michael
    20 November 2009 at 17:25
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    im catholic and still found this show hilarious,
    maybe he was having a good night in clacton,
    but we also got to meet him after and he was extremely nice and friendly.

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