All singing, all dancing!

With so much choice at the Fresher’s Fair Impact takes a look at why Nottingham University’s artistic societies are worth joining.

Gilbert and Sullivan Society

You don’t have to be a Gilbert and Sullivan expert to join this society. Nathan Miles, last year’s president, admits that he hadn’t heard of this dynamic duo before he signed up! Last year Gilbert and Sullivan’s production of ‘Ruddigore’ created an ‘electric’ atmosphere all week, and a strong feeling of community spirit. “Everyone pulls together for the good of the show,” said Nathan. Anyone can become a part of this year’s production ‘HMS Pinafore’; there are no auditions for chorus members. Aiming for one social per week, the Gilbert and Sullivan society is a great place to make new friends.

Latin and Ballroom society

For salsa team captain Tessa Forrest, winning best society at the society awards 2009 was a confirmation of “the committee’s hard work and the society’s success in providing good dance lessons, and satisfying its members”. Dancing with the LBSS is not just a fun way to keep fit: this year the LBSS performed at the Graduation Ball, as well as competing against other universities and taking part in several charity fundraisers.

Opera society

Open to new suggestions from opera fans, singers and instrumentalists, Opsoc is a “fresh faced and enthusiastic” group with big plans for their first year as a society. Opsoc’s Christmas cabaret will showcase a number of scenes from different operas, so that every soloist has a chance to perform. President Charlie Watson also hopes to work with local schools “dispelling the myth that opera is a snobbish upper class art”, and to invite autistic children to see a lunchtime concert.

Improv society

A society full of endless enthusiasm, last year’s president Robert Jones describes Improv as a “phenomenal laugh”. Securing the title for ‘The First Fully Improvised Production’ ever held in Nottingham last year, Improv teaches members “how to really have fun on stage, how to work an audience and how to maximise your self-confidence and speaking skills”. This year’s president Layla Mannings is eager to welcome everyone; “Our sessions are full of people ranging from shy wall flowers to born actors, with a smattering of people who never even thought they’d be good at improvising”.


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