Boys’ Life @ New Theatre (A Fresh-er Perspective) by Amy Pearson

“Boys will be boys”, as they say, and ‘Boys’ Life’ certainly takes that to heart…

The debut play this season was incredible and will certainly be a hard act to follow- gaining a full house on the first performance of term has to be an indication that this show is not to be missed!

It is set in 80s America and the action centres around the antics of three friends and their eventful

(or if you are Phil, not so eventful) love lives.

From the word go, the audience are plunged into the lives of the Boys and experience all the tension that goes with it; there is a rift between the three lads who have grown apart with age, but still feel obliged to associate with one another, so you wouldn’t expect the play to be a bundle of laughs. On the contrary though, it is lined with a dark humour that softens the blow of any underlying conflict that would simply be uncomfortable.

I was also astounded by the fact that the Director for this play, Gus Miller, is a fresher, which is just exceptional. As a fellow fresher, it quashed my sense of achievement in cooking burnt pasta successfully; he certainly should feel proud of himself for his first of what will hopefully be a long line of performances.

As for the actors, lines were reeled off flawlessly and first night nerves just simply didn’t exist. The scene changes, usually the most awkward of things, were blended together with some classic 80s pop music – it was effortless to watch. Considering again that this has been pulled off in just three weeks, the set was brilliant.

It was the opening night of the new season and if the quality of production is this high already, things can only get better; this performance is only on until Saturday so you haven’t got long to make your mind up, but it shouldn’t take a second thought.

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  • kat evans
    2 November 2009 at 18:12
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    Am so totally proud of you for being published in the magazine and I absolutely loved your review Amy, but would have loved seeing the play more. Having two lads myself, i can relate to the content of the play and must say I do miss being able to watch in English. All we get here is the yearly performance of A Christmas Carol by an American group who tour every December to Hannover.

    Auntie Kathleenxxxxxxxxxxxx

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