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Dick and Dom first burst onto our screens in a giant splatter of gunge back in 2002, rising to fame and irreverent notoriety on the CBBC Saturday morning show Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow. Since then they’ve moved into the wider world of entertainment with a year-long stint on Radio 1’s Breakfast Show and a slot hosting Sky 1’s Are You Smarter Than a 10-year-old?, nabbing two BAFTAs along the way for their efforts. Impact caught up with the duo mid-London Marathon preparation for a chat about milk, trophy polishing and Sonia from Eastenders.

So, standard first question: where did the two of you meet? And did you ever think you’d stick together as a double act for so long?

DICK We were both at the BBC. I started as a runner, making tea for kids TV presenters, and then I auditioned when one of them left. Dom was doing magic work, and they put us together and it all went from there. We were the same age and good mates. We didn’t go to uni or anything but we shared a flat for 5 years, so yeah, we knew we worked well together.
Who wears the trousers in this relationship?

DOM We both wear trousers. Nice, long, skinny, tight ones.

Good to know. What’s the biggest falling out you two have ever had?


DICK He used my milk, and I had no milk for my tea. I needed the milk, I get grumpy if I have no tea and he used my milk.

DOM Also when we were both skint, and he wanted the heating on and I said wear a big jumper instead. I recommend big jumpers.

DICK I get in a bad mood without heating and tea.

Understandable. Do you spend a lot of time with each other when you’re not working? We’d like to believe that you live together in a bungalow in real life as well as in our imaginations.

DOM No we don’t live in a bungalow! Bungalows are for old people. But we are very good friends, and we are together a lot… we’re together now! We went for a run down the Thames together just yesterday actually.

Speaking of running, you’re both taking part in the London Marathon in 4 days. Who’s going to win?

DICK We’ve done SO much training… Dom probably will win because he runs faster than me. But it’s not really a race.

DOM Well it is a race…

DICK It’s a race, but we’re not racing each other – we’re running together. Helping each other along.

Word on the street is that you’re scared of racing alongside Ben Shephard.

DOM He terrifies us in many ways. He is very quick and will probably speed past us… leave us in his dust. The man jogged up Kilimanjaro for God’s sake. He’s very good.

Having run the Sport Relief Mile in Nottingham last month, what do you think of the city and/or its surrounding area?

DICK Lovely! I’m actually from Sheffield so I used to come down a lot, I always liked it. We ran by the river which was very nice. Aesthetically pleasing.


DICK Yeah the trams too, lovely… We came to the City ground on a day out recently, they played Swansea.

You brought the world the illustrious game of ‘Bogies’. Do you ever get it shouted at you in the street?

DICK Everywhere we go! Absolutely everywhere, still. Shouts of it follow us around. From a lot of van drivers mainly.

In Da Bungalow won two BAFTAs in 2004 for Best Presenters and Best Children’s Entertainment. Do you have one each?

DICK Yes we have one each. Mine’s on my sideboard.

DOM Mine’s in a cupboard right now. It needs a polish actually… needs a spot of Brasso! You’ll have to come up and polish our trophies sometime.

Let’s not get carried away Dominic. The two of you hosted the Sunday Breakfast Show on Radio 1 back in 2008; what’s your ultimate waking up song?

DICK Something by Sonia…

DOM Sonia?

DICK Yeah Sonia… Sonia from Eastenders! I love anything
she sings.

DOM I’ll say anything by Kasabian… they’re very soothing. Or maybe some really loud dubstep, or some drum and bass. Hardcore.

Do you think you’ll do more radio in the future?

DICK Yeah it’s nice, maybe something a bit different though. Maybe we’ll come to Nottingham and do your student radio.

DOM Actually there’s a station based in the South East called Absolute that’s gone down a more comedy sort of route… they’ve got people like Dave Gorman and Frank Skinner. Something like that would be good.

As a feature in a student magazine, many reading this interview will be connoisseurs of both daytime television and BBC iPlayer. Tell us why they should watch your current show ‘The Legend of Dick and Dom’.

DICK It’s funny. No, erm, it’s not just aimed to appeal to kids, more all age groups… anyone of any age! It’s narrated by Terry Jones, one of the Python guys… and it’s got lots of celebrities. Like Brian Blessed. Yeah.

The Legend of Dick and Dom can be seen every day on BBC2 at 8:00am.

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