Vintage Tea Party – 11/11/2010

When the invite popped up for a Vintage Tea Party at Café Coco Tang, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a miserable, cold Thursday evening.  The genius of this little enterprise is that it combines two of a girls’ favourite things – chocolate cake and one-off clothes.

The trend for events such as this is growing, with Nottingham University’s very own Fashion Society tapping into the market and bringing us an evening with Curious Magpie Vintage clothing. The relaxed Café setting was the perfect backdrop for a casual peruse of the rails and table displays of vintage finds. From bargain suede coats and on-trend fur hats to trinkets such as mirrors and brooches, the array of pieces on offer was as mouth-watering as Coco Tang’s cupcakes.

How very civilised...

The great thing about an event like this is the sense of occasion – shopping becomes sociable, and you can discuss the ‘buy-or-not-to-buy’ dilemma over a cup of tea and cake like the civilized young lady you are.  Not to be sniffed at either is the undeniable value for money – I bought a mint condition 1960’s coat for £25, the likes of which would go for double that amount on the high street.

Julia Harwood, owner of Curious Magpie, recognises the potential for such an event. Having accumulated a collection of vintage clothing and trinkets over the past few years, she now hosts vintage and second hand tea parties regularly – even providing cute cupcakes for a small fee. This means that awkward Ann Summers parties may soon be a thing of the past (except for frustrated housewives), and instead you can invite your friends round for a spot of tasteful shopping – all brought to your own home, hassle-free.

A selection of trinkets

This has got me thinking – why not host your own tea party?  Instead of allowing things to languish at the back of the wardrobe or fuss around with Ebay, get together with some friends and swap or sell away… over some fudge cake of course.

Article and Images by Jasmin Watts


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