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The President is responsible for the management and staffing of the SU, its Executive Officers and staff, and all issues relating to NUS. The President should aim to ensure that all students are represented appropriately to the University. This role involves managing the Executive Officers, assisting them in carrying out their duties and representing the Union at all external meetings or functions. The president is responsible for being the lead Officer for graduation ceremonies.

Ngoc Tran

Ngoc says she has the qualities needed to make a good President: “I’m very passionate, I don’t mind speaking out for other people and I stand up for what is right”. She has made the decision to run for SU President following two years as a Course Rep and after helping to organise and publicise last year’s NUS Demo March. She also believes her experience as an interpreter will be useful since one of her key aims is to encourage more communication with international campuses. She wants all students to feel involved and believes that this could best be achieved by promoting the SU societies: “Students are very independent, but the Students’ Union is here for them. We need publicity to make sure that they know that.”

Ngoc has clearly been influenced by discussions with current President Will Vickers and her policies reflect his own from last year, including improved online academic feedback and more regular contact with tutors. She feels that many students only see their tutors a couple of times a year to pick up exam results, and would like to encourage tutors to comment on a student’s progress and provide more extensive feedback.

She will also campaign for a discounted Lenton bus service after finding the ‘free Hopper’ idea unfeasible. She states in her manfiesto “by the end of my service as the President of Students’ Union at Nottingham University, I want all students to have the best academic results, the best learning experience and the best social life”.

Alex Corck-Adelman

Corck-Adelman has worked for charity and already has a lot of experience in the Students’ Union, SRS & JCR committees and University council, as AU club social communicator and Students’ Union communicator. He has worked with in multiple representational networks, providing him with an overview of the representation of the Nottingham student body.

As part of his plans to enhance the AU Corck-Adelman wants much more interactive Executive talks, a process of listening and responding to students on a greater and regular basis. He also wants more room for students to dictate changes for the Student Exec. He sees the role of the President as the initiative for long term achievements and for students to be the initiative for short term. A major manifesto point of Corck-Adelman is the introduction of a ‘Campus Card’; modelled on the current system for meal cards, he intends to modify the system to incorporate a ‘top-up’ system for all years with discounts for students at University cafes and shops to “encourage spending at the University”.

A further major manifesto point is to take away some of the operational work of the Exec, in order to introduce drop-in ‘Q & A’ sessions and presentations to increase the Exec’s presence around campuses. The operational work would be reassigned to SU Staff, PA’s and receptionists in order to “allocate work appropriately for all within the Exec”. He also intends to make the position of Finance and Services Officer more operational and to make Athletic Union activities more representative.

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