Unopposed Executive Officer Candidates

Education Officer

The Education Officer should analyse trends in Higher Education and circulate relevant information to staff and students. This officer should have an input on University policy regarding educational matters and needs to liaise with Course Reps and Faculty Coodinators. The Education Officer is also responsible for monitoring services for students with special educational needs.

Michael de Vletter

Michael de Vletter has been working in the Education Network for the past year as Faculty of Arts Co-ordinator, and has sat on the SU council during this time. He believes that this has given him a working knowledge of Union structure and the demands and responsibilities of Executive roles. His experience of effecting change as Faculty Co-ordinator is what led him to run for Education officer, having had success in passing motions at council. De Vletter’s priorities as Education officer function equally on the level of Union and University. In the University context he would aim to secure value for money in a time of financial uncertainty through improving communication with teaching staff directly as well as the senior administration. Within the Union he would aim to improve representation through the reshaping of the education network to function more like a society; that is with monthly meetings and consequently more proactive course and school reps.
“We need to make sure that we recruit the best students possible for the roles” Michael told Impact,” and, through their training, really get them passionate about what they are doing”

Environment and Social justice Officer

This role is responsible for representing the interest of SU members in issues related to the environment and social justice. This means raising awareness of these issues by mounting campaigns and liaising with the relevant societies. This officer should be involved in the organization of Week One and chair the Fairtrade Steering Group.

Sarah Joy Lewis

Sarah decided to run for ESJ largely because she “heard that no-one else was running”. She worries that it is “easy to forget about environmental and social justice issues” and although she feels that the record of the current Exec’s work in this domain is “not that bad”, she contends that “there is always more to be done”. Sarah feels that she is well qualified for the role having been president of one of the SEEN societies and having good organisational and administrative skills, but believes that the elections will produce “a good team whatever”. Although she “doesn’t have something that I think needs changing”, if elected she pledges to push environmental and social considerations in all decisions within the SU.


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