Unopposed Representational Officer Candidates

The following candidates are all running unopposed in the Students’ Union Elections 2011,

Disabled Students’ Officer

The Disabled Students’ Officer is responsible for supporting and representing disabled students and working with the SU Executive to improve the student experience of disabled students. The Officer is also responsible for campaigning on disabled students’ issues and leading a delegation to the NUS Disabled Students’ Conference. The Disabled Students’ Officer also holds the post of Chair of the Disabled Students’ Network.

Joseph Clough

Although he is currently in Vancouver, Clough has taken the time to carefully consider what he would like to achieve as the Disabled Students’ Officer, and believes that “it’s a position through which I think I could make significant impact”. Being newly formed, Clough feels that there’s still a lot of work to be done and is plenty of “room for improvement”. Clough feels that he is qualified for the position having had previous leadership experience in organising a campaign for a disability issue.
He also acknowledges that a large portion of the role involves working directly with students, encouraging them to become involved in the network and feels that he is well suited to this aspect as he is “approachable and enthusiastic”. Clough understands that without the support of those in the network he will not have the guidance that he needs, and so he comprehends that cooperation is essential. “My strongest policy is to improve the newly formed Disabled Students Network”, Clough states. “This can only be done, however, by finding out what the people I am representing want from the Network and by encouraging them to become involved with it.” It will be interesting to see whether Clough manages to generate a high profile campaign from where he is currently situated in Vancouver.

Postgraduate Students’ Officer

The Postgraduate Officer is responsible for the representation and support of all students of postgraduate courses at the University. The Officers chief responsibilities are to Chair the Postgraduate Students’ while working with the SU Executive to improve postgraduate student experience.

Georgia Thresh

Thresh said she wanted to run to this position because she knows firsthand about the stresses of being a Postgraduate student. She was only recently diagnosed with dyslexia and therefore realises how essential the services that the university offers are to Postgraduate students. As a result, she plans to focus on improving the academic and social welfare of Postgraduate students through socials, stress management workshops and study-skills workshops.
Furthermore, Thresh intends to make the PGSA more visible to Postgraduate students on and off campus and to increase relations between schools and their representatives so that communication between Postgraduate students and their various departments is enhanced. The resources needed for this candidate to implement her manifesto are quite extensive but she is adamant that she will carry out her proposals because she aspires to give Postgraduate students the best support that she can.

Mature Students’ Officer

The role of the Mature Students’ Officer is to be responsible for the representation of mature students in the Students’ Union. Duties include working with SU Executive, campaigning on issues of concerns, chairing the Mature Students’ Network and to be the delegate leader for the Union to the NUS Mature Students’ Conference. The Officer’s constituency consists of all students who are over the age of twenty-one when they begin their degree.

Adam Abukari
Adam Abukari feels that it is time for him to “take some time off to help my SU and promote the interests of mature students at the University of Nottingham”. Using skills gained from experience in, Abukari believes that there needs to be an “interactive dialogue” to voice the main concerns of mature students (although he never fully explains what these concerns are. Maybe this will be a focus of his campaign). His immediate concern, however, is to establish a sort of mentoring scheme which will involve study group discussions for those who are struggling academically.

International Students’ Officer

The ISO is the representative of all international students that study at the University. The ISO’s key roles are to support international students and to ensure they are included in the Students’ Union. The ISO also leads a delegation to the NUS International Students’ Conference and chairs the International Students’ Bureau.

Mohammed Alam

Mohammed Alam exhibits a passion for both Nottingham University and the students he seeks to represent as Officer for International Students. He is standing on the grounds that international students need to believe in their union, and in the University itself. He wants the university to feel like a home to everyone. He loathes what he perceives as the segregation between students from overseas and home students and explains that this is to the detriment of both parties: “there is so much they can learn from each other.” Mohammed praises the broad spectrum of national and religious societies, but wants to encourage mixing between these groups. Mohammed’s animated argument for change perhaps exceeds his tangible initiatives, but he would look to address and resolve the problems of international students more quickly, organise day-trips for all students away from campus, and organise sports and quizzes across societies. Mohammed has previously dealt with cultural differences in giving talks and working for voluntary groups in his native Bangalore.

Black and Minority Ethnic Officer

The role of the Black and Minority Ethnic Officer is to represent all students who self-define as being of minority ethnic origin. The Officer is responsible for representing and supporting BME students, to assist the SU Executive in ensuring representation and to campaign on issues relevant to black and minority ethnic students. The BME Officer is also responsible for being delegate leader to the NUS Black Students’ Conference and is Chair of the BME Students’ Committee.

There are no Candidates standing for this position.

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  • egg (LGBT Officer)
    3 March 2011 at 22:43
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    2 things:
    1) It’s Disabled Students’ Network and not Disability Action anymore.
    2) We’re Representational Officers and not Representative Officers…

    It’s sad these fantastic roles are uncontested 🙁

  • benmccabe
    4 March 2011 at 07:48
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    Thanks for pointing this out. Sadly, Impact are using the latest Big Red Book available online (November 2009). Unfortunately, this version doesn’t take into account recent changes to position and network titles. Let’s hope a new, updated BRB will be made available soon.

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