Varsity Basketball – Meet the Boys

With their Varsity fixture only days away, IMPACT caught up with the guys who will be hoping to slam-dunk Trent all the way off Uni Park…

Patrick Daley (Captain – Guard)

Team Captain and rightly so, Pat offers high levels of intensity and leads from the front. Don’t let his boyish looks fool you though; Pat has a very sensible head on those shoulders. Should have been given the lead in “About a Boy” during his younger years.

Timo Mo (Point Guard)

T-Mo is a whippersnapper of a point guard, with the handling skills to match. Although small in stature, he is an aggressive player who is always looking to get things going. Still owing the team a crate of beer for his on court antics back in January, one day T-Mo hopes his girlfriend will let him come out on a social.

Emile Blaison (Guard)

A French sounding name and the swagger to match, Emile is as French as you can get. A classy player who can do almost anything with a ball, Emile will definitely light up his first and last Varsity game. Emile played professionally in France and still hasn’t figured out that we won’t be paying him for his services this year. Sorry mate.

Mikail Ridhwan (Guard)

One of this year’s fresher’s, there’s nothing Mik loves more than a good social. A nice little 3-point shot and a good basketball brain makes Mik one for the future. However, Mik often has far too much to say for himself and regularly needs cutting down to size. Usual topics of conversation from Mik include the time he won a 3-point contest in Malaysia and uninteresting stories about Hu Stu. He idolises his President.

Borislav Dimitrov (Guard)

“The Blade” is definitely one to watch at this year’s game. As cool as you like, Boris will make shots when it counts and is ones of the best passers of the ball to ever come out of Bulgaria. Boris used to be 6ft 8ins, but has shrunk in his old age.

Ryan Wong (Guard)

Never has a clue what’s going on, Ryan is another one of the motley crew of fresher’s we’ve ended up with this year.  With a deadly 3-point shot that comes and goes, even Ryan himself doesn’t know when he’s going to start lighting up the 3-point line. Ryan once thought he was in Coach Carter during a game and pulled up to shoot a 3 on a fast break, only to miss and look like a right Muppet.

Ibey Agbaje (Guard – Forward)

Sure to be MVP of the warm up, Ibey can jump rather high into the air, and regularly demonstrates this to the adoring fans pre-game. A nice jump shot alongside this makes Ibey a slick player, who can bring instant offense off the bench. Ibey spends his time away from the court shopping for “fresh kicks” and learning dance moves. He is currently teaching his President how to “do the Douggie” with very little success.

Ales Weiser (Guard – Forward)

Ales has returned to Nottingham with an extremely consistent jump shot that when coupled with his length, makes him a touch match up for defenders. An intellectual old chap, Ales is always reading old-looking books. He regularly breaks out into song at the most random times.

Gareth Lewis (President – Power Forward)

The President also popularly known as “G13” is an essential part of the team with his strong inside game and outside 3-point shooting. What a talent this young man could be if only he could jump. However he prefers putting his time into working on his chest and “destroying” other team mates in the gym. After the game is where you will see this Welshman doing his best work. A self-proclaimed ladies’ man and king of banter, you’ll be sure to see him leading this great club on another epic night.

Jeff Smith (Center)

Known as “J-Smooth” by many and more abusive things by his President, Jeff is living proof that white men can jump. An impressive athlete, Jeff wishes his personality was as lively as his basketball game. Find Jeff after the game holding Andy’s inside out pocket “Prison Break” style, not saying much and looking uncomfortable.

Nimi Igomi (Center)

Nimi’s size makes him unstoppable underneath the basket, and he also has a jump shot that’s not to be underestimated. Nimi has a big smile that brightens up even the gloomiest of days, but don’t get the man angry.  Dances well for a big man and laughs like Frank Bruno. Nice.

Ugonna Krest (Center)

Where do you start with this guy? Krest is another one of our fresher’s that provides his President with hours upon hours of entertainment. A beast of a Center too, Krest is our very own zone-buster. On a social side, Krest has his very own song and is loved by all for his classic one-liners straight out of the hood. Post-match, find Krest in a casino talking about love and dark rooms.

Marc Waldhof (Center)

Lovingly nicknamed “Question Marc”, Marc is an inquisitive fresher, who regularly turns up to socials wearing scarves that often cause the questions to be directed back at him. With a huge frame and good hands, Marc definitely has the potential to become a dominant Center for years to come. This will however have to be put on hold if Hollister are looking for a man with a constantly confused look on his face to model in their next advertising campaign.

Martin Richardson (Head Coach)

Coach Richardson is extremely determined to get the right result at Varsity, purely because if he doesn’t, his wife will find him unbearable and make him sleep on the sofa! Likely to be found chatting with the referees all game long and giving his players motivational speeches, Coach enjoys the big matches and is hoping to steer his team to that all important win. He owes the team a crate of beer.


Images by Nina Sorensen


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