Varsity Basketball – Meet the Girls

With their Varsity fixture only days away, IMPACT caught up with the girls who will be hoping to slam-dunk Trent all the way off Uni Park…


Jemma Jackson (President- Guard)

This year has seen the arrival of a new president in the form of “JJ”. Her no-nonsense approach inspires maximum effort on and off court and her aggression shows opponents she’s not mucking around. This classy lady always keeps it dignified, whether it’s drinking swanky cocktails, or even falling over a bench in Loughborough, she always has her best foot forward!

Agne Silyerte (Captain- Post)

Representing Lithuania, Agne has remarkable skill on the court and will no doubt be exhibiting her frantic footwork during the Varsity Game. As captain of this year’s team, Agne has been keeping the clan going, and is always up for planning an epic social! You often won’t miss her, as she is almost always in green, or it could be the fact you can spot her crazy dance moves a mile off.

Steph Morgan (Social Sec- Guard)

Steph’s jump shot has been a massive asset of this year’s team, and it has to be a jump shot, as she is one of the smallest players on the team… As social sec, Steph is always the best dressed on any night out and you can guarantee that Thursday’s photos will be blinders as the basketball seems to turn into a camera in Crisis.

Anne-Marie Wadsworth (Treasurer- Post)

Keeping her eye on the ball as well as the money, Anne-Marie is invaluable as a player, demonstrating the advantage of height and strength at both sides of the court. Never without a smile on her face, Anne-Marie is always the one who keeps the team laughing.

Maria Liljeroth (Guard)

Maria brings Swedish swagger to the game with her short-corner jump shots and slick back passes. As a social advocate, Maria is a regular at Crisis and you will no doubt find her on the dancefloor, orange VK in hand.

Tina Papadeki (Point)

What Tina may lack in height, she certainly makes up for in speed. Queen of the fast-breaks, the Grecian flyer has no issues taking on defence on her own, or will just wait until the rest of the team catch up with her.

Alma Croft (Point)

One of the freshers this year, the Portuguese beauty has not let the attraction from certain members of the men’s team distract her. She will be one to look out for in the future, and will no doubt provide more hilarity following her “struggling ant” impression at the welcome party.

Sofia Probst (Guard)

Much to the club’s dismay Sofia is only here one year, during which time she has broughther own flare in the form of her hoop shots that outwit even the tallest defenders. An obvious fan of her yellow shorts, Sofia’s beach look brightens up the court on even the gloomiest days and is likely to be a key feature as she develops in the future.

Egle Navickaite (Post)

Despite only joining this semester, Egle has bumped up the height average significantly and you will no doubt see her under the basket at both ends, putting up shots that the average-heighted player could only dream about.


Marie Bruser (Post)

The last of the Fresher’s contingent, this tall German woman is a powerhouse under the basket and you can rely on her for almost any rebound. She also comes in extremely handy when you’ve lost everyone in Crisis.

Deimante Zilenaite (Guard)

D’ is another Lithuanian superstar who never fails to astound with her indefensible 3-point shot. Always one of the first players back on defence, she provides the game with some needed aggression and is never afraid of a knock here and there.

Amelia Reynolds (Point)
Wild Cat’s Millie has been a firm asset to the team this year, providing skill from a club player and keeping the team on their toes as point guard. Also a speedy runner, Millie has one of the best shots on the team and is always looking for a good rebound.


Images by Jonathan Maxted


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