“Those are just to die for”, quite literally. I can’t decide whether to criticise or commend the women that swap their (be it boring) comfortable, classic round-toed everyday Mary Jane’s for a 12 inch number that come with seventeen studded straps and a death wish. I completely understand the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ but this is to the extreme. Yet how can one say, enough, when the fashion savvy and career mined gals such as Diane Von Furstenberg are all for extreme heels, “I never go out in something that I am uncomfortable in, well, except shoes, and they’re torture. And that’s just something I deal with.” Brilliant, there goes any hope we had for not conforming.

I understand that the term ‘high heel’ may not sound as shocking or disgusting as having your feet bound to stop them growing, or piercing yourself in unknown areas but having your foot at a 90 degree angle all day is just as painful. Nicholas Kirkwood sent his model tumbling down the catwalk in his Star Wars inspired shoe, avec broken mirrored heels and a six inch platform at the front. I guess the fashion road kill have one thing to be thankful for, although the fall isn’t pretty, the shoes they fall in sure are.

Over the decades a number of extreme trends and fashion fads have graced us with their controversial presences. Celebrities are often at the forefront of these trends, wearing the most extreme of the extreme. These days we think of Lady Gaga with her huge angular shoulder pads, and Jessie J with her lip studs…but are these new extremities really something original? When talking about the most outrageous trends of her time my mother replied “well they’ve all sort of been done, Lady Gaga is just the Madonna of today really”. Does she have a point? Are celebrities just becoming more and more extreme because everything has already been done?

Maybe, but more than ever these trends are trickling down into the everyday. Piercings, which have only gained widespread mainstream popularity in our culture since the 80s, are a prime example of a trend that started off as extreme. Nowadays, people who have a number of piercings are the norm. However, If you’d have told me a few years back that not only would it be pretty cool for boys to have their nose pierced, but that my own brother would be rocking it, I definitely wouldn’t have believed you.

As I’m sure you are well aware this winter is a mix between girly dots with fairy like dresses and S&M leathers whilst keeping it subtly sexy with androgynous undertone. Which only means one thing — this has surely got to lead to even more extremes.

Hannah Donald & Emma-Jane Steele

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  • Kat
    14 August 2011 at 14:01
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    Nice article. It’s amazing what damage high heels do to women’s feet – and yet it’s rarely discussed.

    Also, Lady Gaga seems to me like an annoying blend of Madonna and Goldfrapp. It’s been done. Being extreme is a poor attempt to be original. Making original music would be a lot more interesting.

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