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Hollyoaks Freshers #4

Continuing our week of Hollyoaks Freshers, here’s our fourth interview. David Atkins plays Rob (pictured below), a “lad” who is “at HCC on a three year bender”…

Impact: What do you make of the character of Rob?

Rob (David Atkins): Overall, he is a bit of jock. His girlfriend seems to do a lot for him, she’s quite controlling. She’s basically the reason he’s at uni. I mean, he loves going out with the lads, having a beer, talking about rugby, but as soon as he knows he’s done wrong he tries to make up for it – he has got a sensitive side.

Impact: So you think, despite his ladish side, he has redeeming features?

Rob (David Atkins): Definitely.

Impact: His profile says, and I quote, Rob is “determined to spend his time at HCC on a three year bender”. Is that pretty much it or are we going to see more from him?

Rob (David Atkins): That’s his idea when he first joins Uni, definitely.

Impact: Long-term girlfriend Annalise (played by Tamaryn Payne, see our interview with her yesterday) doesn’t think much of his lifestyle. Do you think they’ll be fireworks between the two of them?

Rob (David Atkins): There’s definitely the potential. It’s like any relationship. Uni is your coming-of-age, figuring out the world for what it really is. Being in a relationship at that time… in some ways it’s a good thing, but in other ways it can be quite restricting. Giving each other space is important, but being in the same halls makes it difficult. There’s definitely potential for fireworks.

Impact: Do you think that it will reflect the experiences that some people have when they go to university already in a long-term relationship

Rob (David Atkins): Yeah, definitely. It’s realistic.

Impact: Do you think the ‘lads’ at Nottingham University will like Rob?

Rob (David Atkins): Yeah, particularly those in a relationship. You feel restricted at times, but you’re also grateful that you’ve got someone there, it’s vice-versa. I think a lot of lads will relate to the character, but also the girls too. The situations he’s put in and how he deals with them – everyone should be able to relate to those, especially in the first year of University.

Impact: Is there anything else you want to add about Rob?

Rob (David Atkins): Look out for him, he’s got a lot going on.

Check back tomorrow for our interview with Holly Weston, who plays Ash.

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  • suzy
    29 September 2011 at 20:24
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    I love the new character Rob, he’s brought humour to the show. He’s made me chuckle so many times this week.

  • tomgrater
    29 September 2011 at 23:54
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    That’s cool, glad you’re enjoying the new Freshers characters. Thank for the comment!

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