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Hollyoaks Freshers #2

Continuing our week of Hollyoaks Freshers, here’s our second interview. Tom Scurr plays Barney (pictured below), an “aristocrat” who is “endearing, rather than perverse or creepy”…

Impact: Hi Tom – thanks for talking to us. You play Barney, according to your character’s profile Barney is “the aristocrat who’s found himself slumming it at HCC (Hollyoaks Community College)”, can you tell us a bit more about him?

Tom Scurr (Barney): Barney comes from a completely different walk of life from everyone else at HCC – he’s always enjoyed the finer things in life. He’s never had the motivation to go off and do anything on his own because he’s had everything available to him all his life. When it came to the end of school, his exam results weren’t very good, all his friends went off to Oxford and Cambridge. He’s at HCC to get a degree but also to teach him that life isn’t all black tie and crumpets.

Impact: Because of his privileged upbringing, do you think Barney might struggled to fit in at HCC?

Tom Scurr (Barney): At first he’s a rabbit in the headlights, but he quickly bonds with the students, they take him under their wing. They make jokes about Barney’s naivety but they’re open to him, he does fit in. There’s sort of an odd couple relationship going on, it’s very nice.

Impact: His expensive tastes and lavish lifestyle suggest that he might be a big hit wit the ladies. Does he have his eye on anyone in particular?

Tom Scurr (Barney): There’s the usual Freshers Week flings, he’s finding his feet. But he doesn’t carry himself with a chivalrous charm, which is lovely and endearing, rather than perverse or creepy. At the moment there’s nothing brewing that I’m aware of but I’m sure there will be a romance sometime soon…

Impact: As an endearing character, do you think he’ll be one that our students can empathise with? Or do you think his background will mean he’ll stay at a distance?

Tom Scurr (Barney): He’s not offensive, he’s not out there going “oh, I have seventeen ponies at home”, he’s never showing off. In his old life he never really fitted in anywhere, he was always on the outskirts of circles, he never had anywhere to belong. Now he’s here in Hollyoaks all of a sudden he’s got people who want to involve him in things: drink, going to clubs etc.

Impact: Final thoughts…?

Tom Scurr (Barney): Well, I love playing Barney, it’s a fun role. His discoveries, his struggles to open a tin – tin openers are tricky, I can empathise with that! He’s a sweet guy I think, I hope people will warm to Barney.

Check back tomorrow for our third interview – Annalise, played by Tamaryn Payne, “a control freak?”

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