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Hollyoaks Freshers #5

Continuing our week of Hollyoaks Freshers, here’s our fifth interview. Holly Weston plays Ash (pictured below), a party girl who studies psychology…

Impact: Can you give us some info about Ash?

Holly Weston (Ash): She’s a bit of a child. Gets drunk a lot, she’s always hungover! She just wants to have a good time really.

Impact: Do you think Ash is a stereotypically over-indulgent student or do you think there’s more depth to her?

Holly Weston (Ash): I think there’s a bit more depth to her. In Freshers week she’s just trying to have a good time and make friends but she’s studying psychology, underneath it all I think she’s sussing everyone out. It’s quite good, some of the stuff we’re filming now, she has a little play with people… it seems like she knows what they’re thinking before they do…

Impact: That sounds a little bit sinister…

Holly Weston (Ash): Haha. Well, not in a sinister way, more of a playful way!

Impact: Do you think our Freshers will see themselves in the character of Ash?

Holly Weston (Ash): Yeah, I think so. She embarrasses herself a little bit, getting too drunk, and then regrets it for the rest of the week. I think a few Freshers can identify with that.

Impact: What made her decide to study psychology?

Holly Weston (Ash): I guess it’s something that interests her. At first you wouldn’t even know that she’s studying that, then it comes out a bit more as the show goes on.

Impact: Is that going to be some kind of interesting plot development?

Holly Weston (Ash): Yes it is. It definitely is. But I can’t say what…

Impact: Not even a hint?

Holly Weston (Ash): Well, it’s to do with one of the other characters who’s in it already.

Impact: Anything else to add?

Holly Weston (Ash): She’s a really cool character. She’s really fun to play because she doesn’t have any high heels, doesn’t care what she looks like – I get to wear messy makeup all the time, which is cool. She’s a bit of a rock chick, makes her different from some of the other characters.

Impact: Thanks for speaking to us!

Check back tomorrow for our sixth and final Hollyoaks Freshers interview – Calvin Demba, who plays Scott.

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