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Hollyoaks Freshers #6

To round off our week of Hollyoaks Freshers, here’s our last interview – Calvin Demba plays Scott, who likes to have “a lot of banter”…

Impact: Can you give us your impression of Scott?

Calvin Demba (Scott): He’s your average guy really. He’s not too wild. He’ll have a pint, he’s like your average lad. He’s just chilled out, he does his work but he doesn’t proper go all out, like some students. He does what’s necessary to get by.

Impact: Don’t take this the wrong way, but Scott sounds a little bit dull – what do you think will make him interesting?

Calvin Demba (Scott): Well… I’m hoping that my cockney accent and my lovely smile will brighten him up a bit. Your impression, that’s what he has got down on paper, that’s the way he’s wrote – I’m trying to bring some of my characteristics into the role. Bring a bit of myself into it. I like to think I’m not a dull person. I like to have a lot of banter. Rob’s (David Atkins) the energy of the group, I’m trying to feed off that. I’ll liven him up, you’ll see that onscreen.

Impact: Aside from the accent and smile – what other characteristics are you going to inject?

Calvin Demba (Scott): Not really sure, you know, you’ll have to see for yourself. I’ve been put on the spot a bit… I like to think I have a laugh. I might have to go back to the drawing board with that one… have a think about what I’m offering this character.

Impact: Do you think Scott will be a character that our Freshers will associate with? See bits of their new student lives in what he does?

Calvin Demba (Scott): He’s a bit of a sweetheart. He’s quite likeable in the sense that he’ll go the extra mile for his pals. There are lots of scenes with Annalise where he’s really affectionate, showing his sensitive side. He goes that extra mile to sort everything out between Rob and Annalise, though obviously he’s got a thing for her. He’s the sort of character who everyone can just depend on, he keeps everything together, he’s that guy. He’s not the biggest of characters but he keeps everything functioning.

Impact: Do you think he’ll find any difficulties with his new independent life?

Calvin Demba (Scott): Course. He’s first time away from home, in a new environment. There’s the usual troubles – washing your own clothes, cooking your own food, you know what I mean. He’s been dependent on his parents to this point.

Impact: So that relationship with Annalise… is that going to make a love triangle?

Calvin Demba (Scott): Yeah, it is going to be a bit of a love triangle. That’s a definite. You’ll see how it pans out, it’s going to be quite cool.

And that’s the lot! Thanks for reading.

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