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DVD Review – Chalet Girl

Chalet Girl (2011, Phil Traill)

Kim (Felicity Jones) is stuck in a dead-end job, living with her dad (Bill Bailey) in a miserable flat. After the opportunity to relocate to an illustrious resort in the alps as a ‘Chalet Girl’ presents itself, Kim ends up sharing quarters with the stunning Georgie (Tamsin Egerton). Together, they must put aside their differences to cater for the thoroughly privileged family who own the chalet – the son Johnny, played by Robert Pattinson-impersonator Ed Westwick, courts Kim despite the fact that he is engaged to be married. As events proceded along a largely predictable path, Kim must face the challenges that lie in her way, most importantly – can she overcome her fear of jumping over hills on a snowboard?

The Good

Primarily the two Bills, Bill Bailey as Kim’s father and Bill Nigh as Johnny’s Dad. Bailey’s jokes may be largely straightforward, but there are still a few chuckles to be had at his hapless efforts to cook food for himself. Nigh has few lines, but still injects a level of sarcasm that so characterises his performances, though it’s rather difficult to believe his role as a helicopter-owning tycoon. Tamsin and Felicity fill their roles with aptness, but neither are inspiring parts – hopefully we’ll see more from both these young talents over the coming years.

The Bad

Chalet Girl is like, oh my gosh, a film for teenagers, but it’s not a particularly good one. When all is said and done, this is a bog standard comedy-underdog-romance, without enough of any of the aforementioned categories to make it stand out. The characters are simplistically crafted and mostly one-dimensional, and the plot is nothing that hasn’t been done numerous times before. All the threads of plot are wrapped up nicely towards the end, but ultimately it’s difficult to find any reason to care.

The Extras

A feature on the film’s premier and some brief talks with the various cast members will satisfy fans of the film, but there’s not a wealth of interesting content.

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