LFW: Burberry Prorsum

After the storming success of Burberry’s S/S 12 show during LFW in September, Christopher Bailey’s a/w 12 collection was highly anticipated . I was not the only one who was eager to see his magic grace the London catwalk once more. The guest list spoke for itself,  and the front row turnouts featured beauties such as Will.I.Am, Mario Testino and Kate Bosworth. Sporting legends Amir Khan and Denise Lewis also made an appearance, alongside Mr. & Mrs. Burberry; Rosie Huntington–Whiteley and Eddie Redmayne. With the front row showered with gems of the fashion world, and I- eagerly waiting at my laptop, notebook in hand, the show commenced…

Burberry Prorsum is referred to as the ‘higher-class’ fashion house within Burberry’s five brands. Showcasing luxurious clothes that demonstrate true British style. A classic trend that is often repeated within Burberry Prorsum’s shows and campaigns, is the trench coat, and nevertheless, this made an appearance within the A/W 12 show. However, this time, it appeared in gorgeous jewelled colours: deep purples, racing greens with muted colours such as khaki and burgundy. A cropped version of the trench was also featured, with large exaggerated pockets and thin belts to accentuate the volume of the jackets. ‘Puffa’ styles were portrayed, experimenting with different textures, such as, rich velvets and checked tweed, reflecting the ‘British Countryside’ feel of autumn and winter.

Volume was another section that Bailey experimented on within the show, proving that peplum skirts and jackets will be making a come back for the A/W season. To compliment these and keeping with Bailey’s theme of different textures, studs were featured on umbrella handles and gloves, to give back the ‘biker feel’ that Burberry promoted in their A/W 08 show. Soft velvet was also incorporated into suits for both men and women, with earthy hues and striped knitted jumpers, projecting a ‘warm’ sense within the room. It almost made me want winter again, when emblems of owls and foxes were placed on chunky knits and bags, very British and very Burberry!

Despite watching Cara Delevigne end the show in that ‘oh so gorgeous’ deep velvet, full-skirted coat, it was the unexpected down pour that proved to be the most exciting aspect of the show. Christopher Bailey has always emphasised the importance of technology within his campaigns and shows. A famous example of this was shown through Rosie Huntington–Whiteley’s campaign for the fragrance, ‘Body’ that featured a hologram. This time, he did not fail to disappoint either. When gallons of water were poured onto the roof of the green house and the models finished the show with striped umbrellas, as everybody was showered with a rain of silver confetti.

Another fabulously British show from Bailey, with inspiration from the 1940s; the show focused on flat caps, bows on belts, different textured trench’s, oversized pockets and delivered a relaxed and elegant feel towards LFW. The 150 year old company has delivered another triumphant success to the British fashion industry and the collection is set to be a storm, with Kate Bosworth arriving at the show wearing one of it’s pieces, the knitted owl jumper. Sir Ben Kingsley once said that the reason he adored Burberry so much was because you could ‘put it on and forget about it because you know it looks good’, which certainly reflected the attitude of the front row as well as the clothes the models looked so effortless in, I however, was left lusting after every item.

Jessica Roseblade

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  • Ana Desvatée
    22 February 2012 at 16:25
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    Not great article, no mention Paris Fashion Show comparison.

  • JK
    27 February 2012 at 11:45
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    The author is obviously still living in the last season. Little credit is given to Cara Delevigne, who is fast becoming the fashion world’s sweetheart, having taken that world by storm these last few months, and also the new face of Burberry alongside Eddie Redmayne. The mention of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is so old news. Pick up a Vogue and educate yourself.

  • AW
    29 February 2012 at 13:43
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    A fantastic overview of the show, I love your writing style and particularly liked your insight in to the use of technology.

  • SB
    2 March 2012 at 19:43
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    For what the article is supposed to be (a brief commentary/report of a fashion show) it’s well written and informative. I don’t really see why, when looked at from this perspective, a comparison with Paris Fashion Show (or any other fashion show) is particularly necessary, can’t a fashion show be judged on its own merits? This is a commentary not a comparison. I thought it was a good article, looking forward to the next one

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