LFW: House of Holland

In an interview with the Guardian Henry Holland confessed, that despite having done it all before, it doesn’t get any easier. “You lock yourself away for six months, you develop an idea, you refine it until you feel it’s good enough for you to be judged off the back of it,” he says. “Then you open the door and you sit there until you hear what people think of it.”

So, what do we think of his a/w 2012 collection? It was five years ago when Holland was making his fashion week debut. With T Shirts as the focal point of his collection, made up of 1980’s styled pieces, consisting of outlandish statements dedicated to models; “Give us a Blow Daisy Low” was a favourite. Five years on, House of Holland has transformed itself and come a long way since his fist fashion week and this year we see a far more sophisticated collection.

House of Holland presented a collection which was all about tailoring and houndstooth print. Holland, describes his new collection as ‘a bit more elevated, a bit more luxe.’ Which is exactly the vibe we get from some of his pieces; the navy shift with sparkling baby blue houndstooth stitching, or the gorgeous navy goat hair coat, a couple of examples of the elegant tailoring seen in Holland’s a/w’12 collection.

The piece shown that will be sure to make a hit for women; young, old, students, working or mothers, was the sexy pencil skirt in cherry and navy with a ruffled hem. The pencil skirt is an essential piece to any women’s wardrobe, a piece that has survived the test of time, a piece that is reinvented year after year. And this year is no different, thanks to Henry Holland. However, the show was undoubtedly stolen by the electric colours sent down the catwalk. A mixture of hot pink, electric blue and sequin green gave the houndstooth designs a sprinkling of something extra special. For me, the electric blue won my vote, the blue princess coat with deep blue houndstooth stitching was a masterpiece.

The sophisticated collection came with a sophisticated front row. Not one, but two British Fashion Council ambassadors were amongst Holland’s eclectic mix of famous faces, fashion sweetheart Alexa Chung (in JW Anderson silk paisley trousers), and Poppy Delevigne. Alexa Chung tweeted ‘Henry Holland show was excellent!!!! Houndstooth blue dress was so ideal. X Well Done.’ I think its clear Holland not only scored a thumbs up from critics, but his fash pack posse also.

The 70’s sportyesque infusion that inspired his collection made it beautiful, sophisticated, yet fun. As we watch House of Holland evolve, we never want to see Henry lose his cheeky style, and although this collection seemed far more grown up than other years, it wasn’t any less sassy. From the first striped leggings – to the shaggy goat hair coat in zig zags of black and blue, to the matching scarves over sexily hip-skimming dresses, to the flared denim red all in one’s, everything was impeccably presented. A typical Henry slogan also managed to sneak its way in, the ‘Mork and Mindy meets the Tour de France’ theme made room for 80’s style cycle caps, with flip-up brims featuring the phrase… ‘Ride It’!

Emma-Jane Steele


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