LFW: Ozwald Boateng

When it comes to men’s tailoring Ozwald Boateng is arguably, the most exciting modern brand to vivaciously burst out of London’s Sayville Row. His suave city style oozes class, which he yet again achieves with his latest collection. Instead of his trade-mark jewel toned satin pieces, this season shows Boateng’s subtler, yet equally luxurious side.

Boateng uses rich tweeds and wool for his three piece suites, which come in dark browns, icy blues and greys, with glimpses of simple white shirts. Also included, were heavy double-breasted coats in matching material to the suits, elegantly draped over the shoulders of the models. However, Boateng can never resist a splash of colour. Some of the models sported emerald blue shirts and flashed shocking pink socks, complementing the designer’s vibrant sense of humour.

As well as colour, Boateng cannot resist a chance to economise his fashion. Although the suits are quintessentially British, much of the material was produced in Ghana. Boateng saw yesterday’s show as an opportunity to promote the export of fine materials from Ghana, as the quality is of an equally, if not higher, standard as those made in Britain. Boateng’s Ghanaian roots may imply a certain bias to the promotion; however the exquisite finish on his collection stands as a convincing argument on its own.

Accompanying the suits were similarly coloured knitted beanies. Even though being highly successful on Sayville Row, Boateng has never forgotten his urban beginnings on Portobello Row. In result, Boateng contemporises a traditionally British look to appeal to his young and fashion forward audience, amongst which is rapper Labyrinth, who recently posed in Rebel Magazine in a turquoise three piece, iconic of the brand.


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