LFW: Peter Pilotto

Inspired by ornately decorated and pimped out Japanese trucks and unusual and exciting Asian subcultures, the Peter Pilotto pair have created another wearable yet innovative collection. The playful and explosive combination of acidic yellows and navy blues teamed with their signature digital prints has catapulted Christopher de Vos and Peter Pilotto to fashion royalty. Their designs never cease to wow and this season is no exception, with every piece living up to the ‘ready-to-wear’ label due to the fact that each item is designed for the modern woman and to flatter the female silhouette without sacrificing beauty and forward fashion thinking.

The patterned puffa jackets which opened the show would usually send a fashion editor into a state of panic, after all, it cannot be easy to convince fashion savvy British women that the long forgotten puffa jacket of the nineties is the new camel coat. However, the grey and brightly coloured designs and statement metallic pewter peplums work perfectly and offer an inventive and original way of staying warm this autumn.

But what was underneath these futuristic puffas? Deep blue velvet panels and kaleidoscopic print dresses with cut-out necklines and elegant fishtail hems sashayed down the runway. Worn with low key makeup it was evident that the aim was to let the clothes do the talking. And boy did they talk! Holding on to the essences of spring, oversized carnations in bright pinks and rich purples wrapped round the grey figure flattering dresses with edgy details like cap sleeves, symmetrical print, elbow length gloves, trousers and t-shirt combinations, embellished shoes and bright orange stripy fur bibs and jackets. The models look sexy and completely feminine despite the charcoal and ashy background colours that cover them from the neck to the knee.

The most opulent was yet to come. The Peter Pilotto pair proved their true fashion worth and skill with the iridescent evening dresses emblazoned with hand embroidered stripes of glass beads and lavish embellishment. Following on from this dazzling show-stopper, the pair opted for a more subtle yet sumptuous organza long-sleeved top with an exposed zip and black beaded floral designs.

It seems that whether it’s a strawberry coloured floral knee length cut-away dress or an evening dress dripping with glamour, adornment and decoration, the Pilotto pair have scored full marks in every aspect possible with their truck-inspired collection. It is easily wearable and can be emulated by your winter wardrobe, whether that is by investing in a modern puffa jacket, recycling your summer floral pencil dresses, showing a nod to the peplum trend or adding a vibrant electric digital print dress to the mix. This collection is beautiful yet versatile and perfectly feminine while sticking to the reputation of being a young, inspiring, ground-breaking and stylish London brand.

Emma Willey.

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