LFW: Pringle of Scotland

When a creative director is still relatively new to the job, the inevitable mixture of nerves and excitement still lingers in anticipation of where he will take his recently inherited label. But Alistair Carr’s third season at Pringle of Scotland did not disappoint. Inspired by a recent return to England and laced with memories of his youth, Carr took a well dressed woman back to simplicity in a collection of sharp cuts, soft knits, muted colour blocking and subtle texture.

The clothes themselves are a range of essential winter investment pieces; designed to be worn into the ground with comfort and protection during the cold season. The ally of a simple silhouette is the key to the Pringle woman‘s outfit. Dressed in sharply cut cigarette trousers with a crisp shirt or soft turtle neck underneath the classic Pringle heavy-knit jumper, the collection’s main body consisted of classic winter clothes with a revived colour pallet and mixture of textures. Vogue’s Sarah Harris noted how ‘it feels more modern’ in references to the clean lines of the asymmetrical skirts and crisp edges of cuffs and jacket lapels, put together in an appropriate and abstract union of layering.

True to winter form, the colour pallet was a gentle blend of darkened colours, blocked together to compliment the clean tailoring, enabling a more organic blend of colour and shape. Carr merges his signature of his clothes being ‘clean, modern and active’ through his choice of colours. A mixture of dark blue, grey, forest green, tan and maroon with the occasional pop of hot pink and burnt orange are blocked on the surface of the clothes and skimmed the collars of coats. The occasional scattered patterns on the jacket, peeled off to one side, are also reminiscent of the 1960’s, adding a gentle but appealing twist. Whilst the combinations are unusual, they offer comfort in the hibernating months with a promise of casual-chic dressing when we’re feeling less than colourful ourselves.

A final noticeable feature of the collection is the contrasting textures, bringing home the message that these clothes are to be worm for comfort through the bitter months. A sweet combination of silky trousers with a lengthy corrugated knitted cardigan and heavy leather protecting a structured woolen dress offer a reassuring outer shell to battle the elements with. Furthermore, with the friendly addition of loafer-inspired heels, by Chrissie Morris, ensure comfort once again takes priority.

Overall, Carr has once again triumphed with subtle sophistication. These are friendly, reassuring clothes, ideal for the forbidden hours of the hard winter mornings. The heavy coats and thrown-on jumpers offer a helping hand when stepping out into the icy abyss and slouchy, ruched dresses gently cling to the body, catering to your sleepy morning mood. With diversity and comfort on its side, early mornings will seem bearable with Pringle.

Rosie Feenstra.


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