Democracy and Communication Officer Results

Listen: Luke on winning Dem Comms

Luke Mitchell has been elected as next year’s Democracy and Communications Officer, winning 2201 votes out of 3705, while Gareth Wilcox received 1146 votes. He has found the experience “really surreal” but says it has “made” his 21st Birthday. When explaining the guidelines he intends to impose on Media SRSs, he stressed that he’s “completely for the freedom of media”.

Luke’s Profile:

Luke Mitchell has been on the SU Council for two years, though he does not believe that it fairly or accurately represents the student body as a whole. He is running for Democracy and Communications Officer because he believes that it will be an important position for next year, as the officer will have ‘the potential to make a really big difference’ with the proposals that were raised this year in the Big Ask. Mitchell’s biggest concern and challenge, should he get the position, is whether to “get rid of council to bring in the new Assembly structure” an alternative decision-making structure explored in the recent referenda.

Mitchell’s aims are centred around his wish to improve the overall accessibility of the decision-making structure of the student body, and he wishes to encourage more students to take their grievances and concerns to Council, and vote on the importance of such matters, so that these issues can be prioritised in discussions and hopefully solved with more immediacy.

He also aims to make attendance to these Council sessions as compulsory as possible, and to make representatives send replacements if they are unable to attend. He strongly believes that students who take up such positions should ‘honour’ their title by representing their constituents more effectively.


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