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Listen: Mike Dore on becoming Equal Opps and Welfare Officer

Mike Dore has been elected to be next year’s Equal Opps & Welfare Officer in one of the most fiercely contested positions. Dore won 2207 votes out of 4249, defeating his nearest rival Matt Wilks by a mere 165 votes. On his win, Mike said he was ecstatic to be elected especially as he ”was against so many great competitors”.

Mike Dore’s Profile:

Mike Dore says he has always wanted this job, stating that it’s the only position he could see himself going for. He wants to target students across all campuses and make them aware of the services available to them through the equal opportunities network. “So many people I’ve spoken to tell me that they just don’t know about these things and there’s a problem if you don’t know.”

Dore wants to hold more campaigns with the representational networks within the union as well as increase support for mental health problems.

Dore says he is ready to take on the challenge,  having volunteered for people of all ages and backgrounds, including being a mental health volunteer and a nursing home care assistant, and within the university has held the positions of course rep, contact exec for Karni and a UCAS tour guide.

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  • Luke B
    18 March 2012 at 01:26
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    Travesty. It was blatantly obvious that Elliot was the only decent candidate…

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