Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

The season for all things vintage has arrived. The second event that Impact has hit so far was Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, located at Nottingham’s Crowne Plaza, on Saturday 4th March. Although there seemed to be a lack of hype and advertising around this event it was lively from start to finish. The main room was set up with a number of stalls selling everything from beautiful vintage jewellery, bags and accessories to kitchen ware, telephones and magazines. An eclectic mix at exceptionally reasonable prices.

As I started slowly making my way around the room, each new seller was extremely friendly and welcoming, eager to show you all the different vintage finds they had to offer. A favourite of mine was the wide array of beautiful reworked jewellery which was available on nearly every stall; each piece individual and full of charm. Prices were low, with many blouses priced around £12, and jewellery ranging from around £2 – £15 depending on what you were after. Many of the stalls had ‘bargain buckets’ which had hordes of broaches, scarves, rings and clips along with other random finds for extremely cheap prices.

Patience is key at events like this; you need to be able to take your time and have a detailed look around. I was slightly disappointed with the array of vintage bags on offer, a lot were in poor condition with ripped lining and large scuffs on the outside, but this is one of the inevitable factors with vintage and used items unfortunately. However; Judy’s definitely stands out from a lot of the vintage markets and stalls I have seen in the past, I didn’t spend hours trawling through trying to find that one special piece, but instead found it hard to decide which pieces I could live without.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair is the brain child of Judy Berger, who founding the event in Leeds in 2005. Since then they’ve continually become bigger and better and now travel to over thirty cities to spread the affordable vintage love. At each fair they have selected traders, with Lottie Blythe, hopeless romantic, Itchycoo vintage and Vintage Reclaimed Boutique being a few to appear at the Nottingham event.

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Hannah Donald.

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  • Sarah Proctor
    22 March 2012 at 19:33
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    You should have gone to the one at albert hall the week before. i visited both and preferred the other one massively. Had a better atmosphere and better stalls and was cheaper

  • Hannah
    24 March 2012 at 18:07
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    One of our contributors did actually go to the Albert Hall fair and her review is also online.

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