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Review – Recoil

Stone Cold Steven Austin stars in this B-movie that hits the right buttons, eventually evolving into a tight action flic that, while far from outstanding, stays within its parameters and achieves more or less what it sets out to.

Stone Cold plays a square-chested, thick-necked ex-cop whose family is brutally gunned down by clowns during a barbecue in their backyard. At least, it’s something along those lines – the plot is inconsequential and instantly forgotten, merely paving way for the succession of violence that is to follow. He encounters Danny Trejo and his band of motorcycle thugs who are comprised of a who’s who of recognisable faces with unrecognisable names. As he makes his way through them one by one, each individual suffering a brutal fate, he eventually closes on the ringleader Trejo, culminating in the inevitable one-liner fuelled final showdown.

This isn’t spectacular filmmaking, but what would you expect from a low-budget action movie fronted by a professional wrestler? (Though arguably WWE employees are thoroughly versed in the field of acting). It delivers explosions, violence and some predictable and utterly ridiculous dialogue, woodenly delivered by the cast. Those who see this film – most likely through rental – will get what they’re expecting.

Tom Grater

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