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Headliner: Delilah Review

Singer-songwriters are a breed who are required to bare their soul; their songs need to be drenched in intimacy and relate to the audience the purest of emotions in order to reach a level of catharsis within their music. It’s why audiences respond so well to artists such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Madonna; an intangible quality of charisma and individuality permeates their music. As such, they make for some of my favourite artists and it makes it all the worse that Delilah fell so short of these expectations. Instead of intimacy and empathy her performance came across as distant and muted.

Delilah’s set wasn’t all bad; her blend of female singer-songwriter vocals with a combination of contemporary Electronic backing initially seemed to be promising. The comparison to Katy B has been floating around since the beginnings of her career. However, whereas Katy B is an artist who takes a concentrated form of the above aspects and plays them off against one another to great effect, Delilah’s work seems more like an imitation of these sentiments, rather than the genuine article.

Nonetheless, Delilah is at least aiming for something which is worth achieving: the blend of R&B with Electronic music is one which is pretty conventional, but has recently had new life injected into it. I have chastised Delilah for not reaching the peak of this creative endeavour, but at the same time she is transcending the conventions of a genre which is in itself rather predictable. The influence she draws from acts like Massive Attack and Metalheadz shows in her live performance, as she blends a measured approach to the Electronic genre, while still retaining a level of accessibility.

Overall, Delilah’s performance was not bad, just disappointing, in that the potential offered by her set fell sadly short. As such, my opinion is divided, on the one hand I feel that Delilah did offer a set that was entertaining and of potential. But on the other was not the fruition of the potential that was initially offered and her set leaves me wondering if it will ever come to fruition. Delilah delivered a good performance, but unfortunately not a great one.

Ben James

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    Fantastic review.

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