Monsta Review

“I like real dubstep, none of that screechy Skrillex rubbish” – just one of the things you might have heard come out of the music scene recently. Monsta aren’t screechy. They were a dream for any hard-line dubstep enthusiast, demonstrating their impressive ability to fit an unlimited number of ground shaking bass drops into each track. This was clear as their mix of Flux Pavillion’s, ‘Bass Cannon’, sent countless members of the audience into bursts of dancing and bouncing. Clearly dubstep is what Monsta do, and it is what they do best. Their performance consisted of two halves: the first being a DJ set and the second simultaneously toning down the hardcore bass drops and introducing live vocals.

Regardless of this, they were certainly nowhere near as original as previous jokers Dutty Moonshine, and failed to draw in a significant crowd as a result. Their lack of musical diversity meant that anyone not a fan of dubstep was left alienated and disinterested. Overall, they were one of those acts that you might find “difficult to put your finger on”. What was brutally obvious, however, was that as their set progressed, the size of the audience decreased. The first half of their set meant that haters of dubstep ran for the hills, with the less energetic second half failing to attract any widespread attention. It was a shame because the members of Monsta were clearly enjoying themselves.

Ultimately, their inability to exceed the earlier performance given by Dutty Moonshine, as well as the underlying hype of the headline acts drawing nearer, meant that Monsta were unable to leave a lasting impression at the Summer Party. They put on a sound and confident performance but did not receive the response they were hoping for.

Josh Levy


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