A Look Back At Paris Fashion Week – Chanel

The playful Parisian woman, Lagerfeld’s signature look, was at the heart of the Chanel show this season. For the release of the ‘New Vintage’ look, models gracefully walked between cafe tables and chairs outside a remake of a stylish house front. In true Parisian style, everything Chanel presented was something effortlessly chic.

The classic Chanel suit opened the show in a selection of different stitches and prints. Black & white textured tweed alongside smoky grey and black jackets and skirts were accompanied with the irresistible folded clutch, over sized and rippling with textured wool. Patchwork lilac and a salty shade of grey then followed in long coat dresses, some with Victorian ruffles spilling over the modest neckline. These pieces were so beautifully cut that you’d almost forget their purpose against the winter elements and wear them over and over again; the type of suit and coat worn with a hot chocolate in hand and sweet, cold-kissed rosy cheeks.


Some trouser suits were mixed with more spring colours to prolong the trend into the new season. Sweet pastel pink woollen shirts with darling collars and buttons rivalled black chiffon peasant blouses which were clinched in at the waist with the same bionic belts seen at Dior – maybe the new woman of the season has a sugary outer layer, but made of tougher stuff on the inside? Other blouses were adorned with feathers or layered with chiffon and finished with ribbon and gentle tulip sleeves. On the bottom were tulip-cut trousers in black, delicate shades of mauve and a lighter pink, again in homage to the fresh shades of spring.

For the more adventurous customer, a bold remix of 70’s style was brought out, with music to match. Playsuits, completely covered in flat sequins, popped with colour in a pungent blue with hot pink beaded trimmings and a rope belt. Its rival was a longer dress in a dusty grey, shimmering equally with extravagant detail.


Towards the finale of the show, dresses worthy of the couture title emerged, proud as peacocks. Varying in a wide section of colour and design, these dresses were for the evening, cocktail party and a light dinner by the harbour. Slinky with a floor-length skirt and high neckline, the designs varied from a light pink beaded number with fluffy pom-poms attached all over to a striped pink and grey piece with appliquéd chiffon and raw silk. White feather shoulder pieces on a black lace dress and other sweet pink dresses with flowers and fabric strips delicately flowing behind, some bore the same metal belt as other and some with the signature knitted Chanel jacket – perfect for the evening.

With a stunning feathered evening gown, worn by Lindsay Wixon finishing the show, concluding notes were unanimous on the veritable cocktail; sophisticated, modern and stylish with a dash of sparkle. Bravo Lagerfeld, Bravo.

Rosie Feenstra


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