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A Guide for the Stylish Male Student

Gone are the days where students donned their shirt and tie to go to lectures; the modern day student spends the majority of thier university life in jogging bottoms and old leavers hoodies. While you don’t want to look as though you take yourself too seriously, you don’t want to look like you got dressed in the dark either. Living on a limited budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to remain stylish. Your wardrobe should be seen as an investment, gentlemen. That is the sole rule you must never forget – unless you want to end up dressing like Russel Brand, of course.

It is not difficult to prevent such catastrophes. All you need to do is to keep hold of a few essential items and detach yourself from the hideous ones. Simple, eh? Well let’s first have a look at what you should be sending to the junkyard – that’s right – they’re not even worthy of your local charity. What immediately comes to mind are UGGs or MUGGs or whatever those hideous, igloo-shaped, balls of fur are called. And no, boys, I don’t care if Joey Essex was seen wearing them, that should be reason enough for you not to even try them on. Moving onto double denim, it is extremely difficult for anyone to find a shirt and jeans made of identically matching blue denim; Unless you’re going to go for black jeans and a light shade on top, play it safe and don’t go there. And, anyway, these are not the sort of double D’s you should be aiming to have spread out on you, boys – if you get what I mean. Finally, we arrive to two items which, when combined, just don’t scream ‘I’m a stylish male’. Rocking your ill-fitted denim jeans along with your New Balance running trainers. I don’t care how much you’ve spent on the top of the range, Usain Bolt personalised Pumas; unless you’re Steve Jobs (may his soul rest in peace) or CEO of some other multi-billion dollar company, keep them for the sports feild. If you do want to wear sneakers and jeans, grab a slim cut denim and style them with a pair from the Nike Blazer range.

Now that you’ve created some much needed space in your wardrobe, let’s see what you will be adding to your next shopping list. Your first necessity is a coat and not your dad’s old skiing jacket from his teenage years which you wear to make him happy. Opt for a light jacket which you can wear over the next few months before the colder days arrive. Go for something with a distinguishable exterior pattern, emphasized by designers such as Kenzo this season. Topman is the go-to for such a buy and have also incorporated just this into their Lightweight Hoody range.



Your next essential item is a bag. Now I’m sure most of you will rush for the simple backpack, one that will provide comfort for carrying all your books. However, do remember that, in order to look good, one must always compromise comfort over style. Choosing the right bag is probably the most confusing shopping experience any male goes through; The male shopper does not want to appear too feminine, yet has enough sense not to wear a briefcase with his Levis denim. Hence, opt for a leather holdall, preferably black or brown. Zara is the perfect place to find this!



Finally, I will leave you all with one last style secret which most men are oblivious to. If your underwear drawer lacks a few pairs of Calvin Klein’s, then you better be ordering some online right this minute. Good underwear is just as attractive to women as it is to men. After all, if you get hit by a bus tomorrow it won’t matter whether or not your life flashes in front of your eyes. As long as you don’t flash the whole world your stretched-out M&S briefs.
William Karkar

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