LFW: Burberry

So I’ll set the scene: a vast conservatory packed full of fashions biggest names and most widely recognised faces anticipating a truly British show from Burberry this LFW. Naturally, a Frow to rival most others, from the devil herself, Anna Wintour to the less fash-pack Harry Styles of One Direction. There is always much expectation when the time comes for a Bailey collection and this season was no exception. The nod to a fairly sophisticated silhouette has been at the forefront of his vision for the brand since his appointment as Creative Director in 2001.

Looking to the clothes, sherbet was the order of the day. For men, a two-tone satin bomber jacket or alternatively a metallicised cardigan that hung like a plate of armour under a suit jacket; both covetable items that I want, never mind the boys. I call it sherbet because each and every garment fizzled and hissed from the lime heels and ombre pink tones to the gold foil 50’s womens knickers – a classy version of the students much favoured disco pant – and peplum corsets in glistening cobalt. For Burberry, next season means a raspberry to deep red lip with a good trench (mini or otherwise) and ladylike items such as a satin, corset dress in blush or a bias cut fishtail satin skirt. Take your pick.


In terms of atmosphere, the sherbet spring/summer season at Burberry this LFW had cheeky British spirit written all over it. Model du jour Cara Delavigne and an absolute favourite of Burberry, see all campaigns over the past few seasons, perfectly epitomised the essence of British summer with flyaway hair and a wry smile. A projection of the London skyline (how very Burberry) was the backdrop to the show and the invitation a dainty paper pop-up of the same view.

I have always relished the closing element of the Burberry show. It is an art form in itself, never mind the clothes that it so beautifully showcases; it is safe to say I was not disappointed when a stream of rainbow sashayed down the runway. The go-to coat for this unpredictable time of year and Burberry’s most infamous invention, the trench, has been crafted in metallic and intensified with sumptuous colours. It really was a kaleidoscopic finale that shone like a rainbow: a little ray of hope for the season to come, and one that has got everyone questioning their classic trench choice.

Sophie Woods


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