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Style Closet: Back to School

It’s almost time to master the back to school look, and no I don’t mean teeny tiny miniskirts, unbuttoned blouses and towering platforms that would certainly get you sent to the headmistress’ office. Think beyond the school girl clichés of Britney’s ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time‘ and Crisis fancy dress; it’s all about school girl chic. Innocence cut with rebelliousness. Collars and pinafore dresses vs. studded flats and cigarette pants. 2012 has brought a mixture of the old school girl and the new, so here’s a bit of inspiration for your first term wardrobe.



Primark- £10





Primark- £16




Primark- £14


Rokit Vintage- £40


Burberry- Rokit- £55


Rokit- £30


Office- £50




Rokit- £38




Accessorize- £10


Tablet Sleeve- House of Fraser- £30


Hannah Wilkinson


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