Style Closet: Seasonal Statements Without Breaking the Bank

London Fashion Week is fast approaching, meaning we strut into a new season and that only means one thing: a new wardrobe.

With the ‘recession’ still looming over our purse strings, the key to handling a new Fall wardrobe is to buy what you can afford, buy what you need and make the most of your student loan (and NUS Extra card!). So what should you be investing in?

Last season we were all about “maximalism” with crazy print combos and catatonic colours.  This season you can max out with lavish jewels and Baroque-inspired pieces or go in the opposite direction with minimalism and elegance to embrace the opulent trend. This is all about rich fabrics such as brocade and an alluring silhouette. A good place to start is a top to toe black ensemble, adding a gauntlet of gold accessories for a decadent finish. Think of prestige and glamour.

To add the affluent natures of this trend to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, you need to invest in some of these:


H+M Ring, £3.99

H+M Collar Necklace, £3.99

LUXURY BUY (featured) – Freedom at Topshop, £14.00


Primark Peplum Top (featured), £8.00

River Island Black Victoriana Lace Top, £20.00

LUXURY BUY – Zara Embroidered Faux Leather Top with Peplum Frill, £39.99


ASOS Midi Skirt In Metallic Fabric, £6.50

ASOS Pencil Skirt In Brocade, £19.00

LUXURY BUY (featured) – River Island Brocade Shorts, £35.00




Zara TRF Dress with combined sleeves, £29.99

LUXURY BUY (featured) – ASOS CURVE Exclusive Dolly Skater Dress In Gold Brocade, £55


Roch Ria


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