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Does my book look big in this?

Despite frequent reminders at the hands of my mother detailing my exact purpose at University (to learn and get a first class degree) I can’t help but feel inconvenienced by lectures. Contrary to popular thought, this isn’t because of the extensive reading and learning that they force upon me but rather the friends they insist I be accompanied by when in attendance; books – big books require even bigger bags, which can often serve as enemies of style.

As we glide through September and approach the back to school season this issue of book obesity has made the journey back to the forefront of my mind. Consequently, I have gone out in search of five bags that are both stylish and literature-slimming in a bid to battle against the inconveniences that plagued my freshmen year.

This stylish Fred Perry laptop case falls short of bag status but is ideal for those cool Macbook carriers. With its rough crocodile type finish it oozes style and will accompany any outfit well. This comes in at £40.

For the in-lecture texters who attend with just a notepad and pen in hand this lightweight holdall from Topman is perfect. In a khaki green it’ll match with almost anything – its long nature also makes it the perfect book carrier. This also comes in at £40.

For the more refined modern day gentleman this tan coloured Cambridge satchel provides the right level of cool whilst at the same time being wholly pragmatic in size – it is large enough to fit a wealth of books, allowing for academic success. You can pick this up for £114.

This khaki backpack from Fred Perry is best for the late comer. With two straps it can be easily attached to the back allowing for easy sprinting sessions to lectures and seminars alike. It’s spacious nature will also allow for added extras like a bottle of water and a face towel because there’s no worse pain than running into a lecture hot, sweaty and dehydrated. This comes in at £125.

This burgundy sausage bag from Fred Perry is well suited for those who place University in second place to sport. It’ll house joggers and other gym attire with great ease allowing enough space for the odd text book to be curved in around them, all the while maintaining a strong sense of style. You can pick this up for 60GBP.

Sidney Korboe

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  • Elena
    3 October 2012 at 14:13
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    “big books require even bigger bags, which can often serve as enemies of style.” – How do you sleep at night with these problems? I’ll gather the community and start a charity in your name. We’ll run a bbc fundraising appeal that will have weeping widows, puppy dogs and slow violin music playing in the background. We’ll get some generic hollywood actor who thinks he’s Mother Theresa because he drives an electric car on tuesdays and recyles cartons now and then to look into the camera and proclaim that every three seconds a student has to carry a bigger bag than usual to university. Step aside genocide and cancer. Let’s tackle the big problem of luggage.

    • Sidney
      5 October 2012 at 16:04
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      That’s a mighty long comment you’ve left there, you clearly have way too much time on your hands sweetheart – if you’re in search of articles that discuss issues a degree deeper than style, you really ought to avoid the style section.


  • Kirsty
    4 October 2012 at 21:41
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    “I can’t help but feel inconvenienced by lectures.” REALLY? Your in a university and feel inconvenienced by lectures. Talk about first world problems…

  • Kirsty
    4 October 2012 at 21:43
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    Before I get a flood of ‘it’s you’re not your comments’ yes I know I made a mistake get over it. I did

  • Elena
    13 October 2012 at 14:24
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    You’d have more time too if you didn’t preoccupy yourself with accessorising your stationary to the colour of your eyes and buying hipster note pads. And as to the time spent on the comment, let’s put it to you this way: it’s not carved out in stone, it’s not carried to you by a flock of pigeons, it hasn’t been researched and referenced using end note and I didn’t exactly enlist a team of specialised problem solvers to tackle the wording of it with midnight brainstorming sessions over coffee. Plus, the irony of someone who wrote an article long enough for me to have to use two calories to stroll down to the bottom moaning about someone spending too much time on a piece of writing, short of a more intellectual way of putting it, makes my ass twitch.

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