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BREAKING NEWS: Nottingham Protest Against Israeli Strike On Gaza

Nottingham Palestinian Society has organised a protest in the centre of Nottingham in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza strip who have been injured by Israeli strikes.

In the latest escalation of violence in the region, as of Thursday 15th November 120 residents of Gaza are recorded to have been injured and 15 are said to have been killed. Three Israelis are said to have been killed and 5 to have been injured.

50-60 people were at the demonstration in Nottingham. The group plans on returning to demonstrate on Friday and hold a candle lit vigil on Saturday. Among those protesting were Palestinian students, including those with family in Gaza and the West Bank.

Impact spoke to some of the protesters about the demonstration.

One protester, a PhD student from the University of Nottingham, accused the Israeli government of “systematically trying to wipe out the Palestinian people”.

Protesters said that Israel is a “puppet government for America” and that the level of violence is unjustified. A student from Gaza questioned, “How is killing an 11-month old baby, one of the victims of the Israeli attacks, a threat to Israeli security?”

A student from the West Bank said that both the Israelis and the Palestinians are “hungry for peace”. Members of the group also told Impact that those within Gaza have the right to fight back given the extent of Israeli violence and the right to self-defence.

Some in the group called for an end to American donation in aid to Israel, and called for the international community to give aid instead to Gaza in the form of food and medical attention.

The group further accuse the media of failing to contextualise the recent conflict, implying that the violence has been sparked by the last few days, and not by a long history of repression of the people living in Gaza.

Protests have taken place across the UK today. In Brighton, Sussex University student Serena Patel told Impact that she saw protestors “walking in a line and chanting loudly”. An estimated 30 people walked through the main street.

There was widespread fear that the conflict over the past few days will cause a repeat of events in 2008/9, where Israel launched a 22-day military campaign on the Gaza strip. Human Rights Watch documented actions amounting to war crimes on both sides of the conflict, which they found killed 700 civilians in Gaza, and three civilians in Israel.

Stephen Gilmore and Emily Tripp

See a slideshow of images from the protest here

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  • Rachel Gilmore
    15 November 2012 at 23:26
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    Great to see that there are people making others aware of how volotile this situation is, and showing that they care. Keep up the good work!

  • Danny Segev
    16 November 2012 at 01:10
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    Hamas is the real enemy of peace, not Israel.Israel has every right to defend itself from a vile anti-Semitic organisation hell-bent on Israel’s destruction.

  • Dan Rappaport
    16 November 2012 at 22:29
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    It’s disgraceful they aren’t also protesting against Hamas’ indiscriminate killing of Israeli citizens!

  • Paul
    17 November 2012 at 00:04
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    Danny, I’m sure that most would agree to the right to defend one’s self and one’s nation. However it cannot be acceptable for a country that claims to be a Western democracy to counteract what it slates as terrorism by using airstrikes against densely populated areas, artillery bombardments, and so on. The techniques used are like a sick cross between the failed British efforts during the Northern Ireland troubles, and Apartheid South Africa. Collective punishment breeds only ever deeper resentment.

    It’s like the sign of growing fame describes:
    “YOU take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take away my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bomb my country, starve us all, humiliate us, BUT, I am to blame – because my neighbour shot a rocket back.

    I think it’s apparent to most that the timing of this is the key thing. There is an election through which Bibi hopes to consolidate his powerbase, and provoking a conflict just eight weeks ahead in which he can try to appear strong will play to certain parts of the electorate very favourably. Furthermore there is a Palestinian attempt for further UN recognition and protection this very week, and trying to undermine the wider popular efforts by saying the whole territory is seething with terrorism and violence is a tactic to get it all delayed.

    Israel is going nowhere, and most Palestinians recognise this, even if the militants don’t. Israel too needs to recognise that the Palestinian people are going nowhere. So it has choices to make. Does it want to create a Greater Israel where all are in one nation? Unrealistic to say the least. Two state solution? Difficult and tense but viable. Or just go on imprisoning, starving, and humiliating an entire ethnic group..? They’re pretty good at that and it seems to come easily to the politicians so I guess that is what they’ll do. If only they had the courage to bring history onto their side and pursue real peace rather than engineer a continuation of violence which gives the right wing politicians their reason to exist, and the reason to get so much aid from the US. Lasting peace (albeit with troubled patches to work through, I accept that) means irrelevance and no legitimacy for the right wing, and less money pouring in for military and tech spending from key allies.

    Palestinians want peace. Israelis want peace. But neither Hamas nor the Knesset want peace.

  • Dave J
    17 November 2012 at 15:46
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    I imagine if the rockets weren’t being strategically placed near densely populated areas, this would be less of an issue.

    Anyway, I did think it was funny earlier to see somebody describe the rockets as ‘Gazan Resistance Projectiles’. There’s a serious reality distortion field afflicting that unfortunate region of the world.

  • Eddy Haynes
    18 November 2012 at 17:42
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    have to mostly agree with Paul. Its important to remember that innocent civilians are being killed, caught in the crossfire between Hamas and the Israeli goverment. There both as bad as eachother in my eyes. The US, has to step in and bring and to the violence. At the moment Obamma is talking of peace in his speeces but supporting violence when he is in office. Danny if your argument is that Israel has the right to defend itself don’t Palestians in Gaza have the right to do the same? However, that arguments irrelevant its like boys fighting in the playground for gods sake arguing ‘ He started it!’. People should be protesting the violence on both sides, not just protesting the violence against palestians or Israeli’s.

  • Tom Clements
    18 November 2012 at 19:33
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    Make sure to come and show your support. We’ll be at Market Square everyday next week from 5.30pm.

  • Raya
    20 November 2012 at 10:24
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    Cannot believe how uneducated some of you people are that have left comments! Palestine have no army, no navy, no airforce! How many Israeli’s have been killed? 6 against the hundreds of palestinians massacred! Wake up and watch another news channel instead of the BBC who refuse to report on the atrocities. Educate yourselves and see what these Zionists are doing!

  • Dave J
    20 November 2012 at 13:45
    Leave a Reply

    We’re back to the “They’re not rockets, they’re Gazan resistance projectiles” thing again.

  • Leave a Reply