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Review: ‘Outgoing UoN House Party’

After the success of our previous endeavours, we decided to take our snarky comments to Outgoing’s latest promotional event, which took place in a pub-turned-student-house in Lenton on Saturday…

21.43. We arrived unfashionably early, naturally. One of our friends noticed that the outside of the building looked uncomfortably like the warehouse from Hostel…

Unfortunately, inside wasn’t much better. The windows were completely blacked out and the word “OUTGOING” was graffittied all over the walls (see the top), which seemed ironic given that nobody was speaking to one another at this point. Also, it was really cold.

We found this sign pinned to a wall as we entered the bar/living room/whatever. Within an hour this was stolen by a girl who clung onto it for dear life for the entirety of the evening. We spoke to her later in the evening and she replied “I just really don’t like them!” Go figure.

21.52. This is what the dance floor looked like.

22.01: Things perked up when a guy in a beanie hat lit up a funky cigarette in the middle of the dancefloor. Even though we weren’t technically in a bar, it was still surreal to see someone smoking indoors. Fuck the system.

22.10. We decided this would be a fairly good time to speak with the organiser of the event and all-round nice guy, Dan Stepney.

What is tonight all about?

Outgoing is a company that is probably best known in Nottingham for running the Amsterdam trips in Fresher’s halls – but we’re a lot more than that. We cover Snow and Surf trips, sport club trips and pretty much anywhere in Europe you want to go on a bus. So we take students away on holiday to have a good time, basically.

How much money will you raise tonight?

It’s not about the money at all. It’s a free night for everyone. It’s essentially a house party, everyone having a good time and getting the word around.

And how many people do you expect to come?

(Laughs) Well, I was really impressed by the number of people who joined the [Facebook] group. We had 250 wristbands and I think at one point we had 1,200 people in the group, so it was really hard for us to cut it down. It was kind of gruelling, it wasn’t a fun job at all. We had 250 wristbands sorted out so we expect that many maximum to come but the doors close at 11 o’clock onwards so no-one else gets in.

Are you disappointed with the turnout so far?

Yes and no. I wouldn’t have expected most people to get here much earlier if I’m honest [so I guess that means we’re not cool then–ED .] But I’m kind of hoping it picks up a little bit tonight.

22.32. After our interview we decided to stop being lame and hang out with the kids playing American drinking games. Fairly soon, we ran into a guy with a Movember moustache who lectured us on the rules of beer pong. Turns out that there are lots of different ways you can throw a ball in a cup and we were doing it completely wrong…

We challenged him to a game against our friend Schmidt. After winning round one, they looked pretty fucking satisfied.

Mr. Moustache and co. then discussed tactics. Upthrow or downthrow. Straight up or bounce. The possibilities were endless. Eventually this girl settled for a ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ approach, which didn’t go down that well with the team. “I think we’re going to be here a while…”

11.00. After the frivolities of beer pong had come to a close (we won), the room emptied immediately. The result looked like a mixture between a frat party and a crime scene:

11.02. Still cold.

11.36. It’s not even midnight and things are starting to lag. The music is still repetitive and kind of shitty. Word of advice to our friend Dan, next time invite 500 people, not 250.

11.49. Bored, we headed outside to the smoking area and met some cool people under an umbrella who read Impact. (I mean, who doesn’t?)

Asked to describe the evening, they gave us “Potential”, “I think we arrived too early…”, “Free beer!” and “Cold”, obviously. The court of public opinion can be so cruel. The blinker in the middle told us, “The music is alright, I’ve had worse parties in my time, so it’s ok”. We also met the event photographer, Joe. Joe is a DJ at Market Bar and has a set on tonight at 1am. Exciting stuff.

00.13. Back inside and the last DJ has given up and now we have silence. Seriously. There is no music playing. People begin to feel awkward now that they are actually obliged to listen to one another.

00.59. Our friend Joe steps to the table. Unfortunately the music is so quiet you can barely hear it. The vibe starts to wind down. There was some real potential tonight, but it isn’t quite there.

01.15. Obligatory dubstep marathon. “My favourite part is when it goes ‘wop wop’”.

01.17. We decided to be social for once and spoke with these lovely people (observe the sign).

The girl on the left is from Musicality, but wouldn’t tell us her name because musical theatre types can be soooo judgemental sometimes. Apparently, her night has been “shit”. She says “Nottingham nightlife is rubbish. It could be so much better – we have a better uni than Manchester, Exeter, lots of places but the nightlife is just shit!”

01.25. We met some happier folk in the form of a 4-piece band. These guys are all from Nottingham  but go to different unis. When the time is right, they come together to wear matching shirts and make sweet, sweet music.

When asked to describe the evening in one word, they said “edgy” and “intriguing”. Hm.

01.30. We also met a girl called Emma who said tonight “was better than Crisis. It’s chilled and you get to meet a lot of people you wouldn’t meet in a normal circumstance.” The evening started to pick up around this point. The crowds got bigger and (we presume) security started letting late-comers in.

01.40. The place is officially buzzing. Sadly, having been here since 9.30, we aren’t. We decided to check in with this guy, Jake, for some final thoughts on the evening’s events. Jake is from New Jersey. He is kind of like what you would expect someone from New Jersey to be like, minus the steroids.

How would you rate tonight?

I would say 7 out of 10. It’s a good party, but it needs more alcohol  (obviously) and a lot more girls. There’s too much dick!

Did you have your eye on anyone in particular?

I’ve spoken to like 10 women and only 3 have shown any interest. That’s a bad sign. But the night is still young.

What do you think of the nightlife over here?

Erm. Normally, English people get way more drunk. That’s about it really.

02.01. Things started to wind down, which is odd considering it only peaked about half an hour ago but whatever. We decided now was a good time to head home.

Last word:  Beer pong gauntlet matches, douchebags, and empty dancefloors.


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