The Beauty Edit: Nailed It

It’s that ghoulish time of the year again, where all things dark and decadent come out to play, where porcelain white faces replace those golden brown tans, and blood becomes the latest beauty accessory for absolutely everyone, boys included… yes, it can only be Halloween!

Whether you love Halloween or simply loathe it, one things for sure when you’re a student, you have no choice but to bask in the excitement of fancy dress. Halloween has is the pinnacle of fancy dress and all things creative.  I have rounded up some of the most creative and chic nail accessories for Halloween for all you students to get your hands on, and most importantly get you all in that Halloween spirit. Go on, I dare you!

Why not tailor your nails for Halloween? I have stumbled upon something oh-so-exciting for your nails, temporary nail tat’s! The ‘peel and place’ nail tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, from dark and dreary black and silver skulls to bright orange and white spider webs and pumpkins! Yes, pumpkins! These nail tattoos are so playful and easy to apply, I see no reason for anyone to go out with the clichéd black gothic nails, right?

Sally Hansen – there are a selection of patterns and motifs to choose from so go on…spoil yourself – Available at Superdrug:


These tat’s and nail stickers are also available at Superdrug at £1.99!


If Halloween beauty can ever look gorgeous, then we’ve found it here! Rebel Nails will fit any nail and that is the beauty in them. To apply: Just simply snip to your size, the self-adhesive will work its magic and accessorize those talons immediately for a fuss free night of tricks and treats! Rebel nails are available from £6.99 


Glamorous Ghouls! Once we get over the adorable faces on our nail varnish we can discuss the fact that these set of nail varnish’s by Jessica, come in the most wickedly ghoulish colours for Halloween. It sets the usual nail varnish’s you have in your nail kit apart and brings an added sparkle to Halloween dress-up excitement!   Available at:£9.75.



Smoking hottt, yes you can look smoking hot on Halloween! Forget all things glittery, if you’re a girl who likes to keep things simple why not opt for the NYC rock Muse smoking top coat in matte black! You can really have fun with this top coat by adding hues of neon pinks to give it that Halloween feel. Available at £1.79




Orly Nails are maybe a bit too much for us students, but they really go to town with extravagant colours and pigments. Try this glittery orange nail colour as you cast wicked spells all night, it really is gorgeous and the colour is mesmerizing on the nails! Orly nail varnish in Right Amount of Evil, £10.80 at:


Whether you’re staying in, going out or even taking yourself out for some trick or treating this week (no, you are never too old) , you can still take advantage of the dress up opportunity! You don’t even have to transform yourself into a different person; all you need is some nail accessories to get you into the feel of all things hallo’s eve!


Here are some awe inspiring nail designs that people have already tried. Who said a girl’s natural beauty accessory is her hair?


Kimishka Naidoo



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