Live Review: Bastille – Mooch (29/01/2013)

As soon as it was first announced that Bastille would be playing a free acoustic set in Mooch, word spread throughout the student body like a particularly violent strain of Freshers’ Flu. With only a few hours before the gig, the Facebook event boasted nearly a thousand attendees for an event that was about to take place in a 500 capacity venue. The queue began at 13:00 and stretched around the front of, all the way through and out the back of Portland building. There was a tangible sense of anticipation in the crowd as the time for Bastille’s arrival grew nearer and nearer.  It is this journalist’s opinion that students really f*cking love Bastille.

Lead singer Dan Smith seemed genuinely shocked by the positive response to the free gig, remarking “Wow! We thought like 10 people would turn up to this. We expected to play just a live radio set.” The crowd responded joyously to every song and address to the crowd made by the band. Mooch was so full that within minutes there was a palpable humility, people were peering in from the windows and as Bastille took to the stage they were showered in a chorus of cheers and flashes from cameras.

Their relatively short and stripped down set was comprised of the highlights of their upcoming album – Bad Blood out on 4th March on EMI – singles like ‘Pompeii‘, ‘Overjoyed‘,  and ‘Bad Blood‘ suited the stripped down approach to their set. With only a piano, acoustic guitar and vocals, the set was intimately sparse; Bastille described their set as “really depressing”, but someone should have told the crowd that.

They open for Two Door Cinema Club this evening at Rock City & will be returning on 21st March, again at Rock City (tickets)

Ben James

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    29 January 2013 at 19:36
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    They were so lovely! I was lucky enough to be in the URN studios when they were getting ready, great lads.

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