Brain Food

For something so small, the brain consumes almost 20 percent of your calorie intake so during the exam period it is all the more important to eat well. It has long been accepted that certain foods have been found to increase the levels of chemicals within the body which can have a positive effect on cerebral performance-finally, some drugs you want lingering in your system!

Dopamine: The ‘feel good’ drug, it lifts your mood and keeps you content, combating feelings of anxiety and stress. Found in: Almonds, eggs, meats, brown rice, chocolate-the perfect justification for that bacon and egg sandwich

Choline: The memory enhancer. A member of the Vitamin B family, it keeps brain cells intellectually stimulated and is used to help the combat the effects of memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients. Found in those all-round wonderful eggs, broccoli, chicken, cauliflower and prawns. Eat: Beef and prawn stir fry with sliced fried egg


Omega-3’s: An essential fatty acid needed for serotonin production and in keeping your brain healthy. It’s all the good oily fats; tuna, salmon, mackerel, olive oil. Eat: Tuna salad with nuts

Serotonin: The happy drug. A key component in the release of dopamine, serotonin activates brain cell arousal- an erection of intelligence, if you will. Found in cereal, pasta, cheese, nuts, bananas, hummus, chicken and turkey, snack on dark chocolate

So make like Lance Armstrong and ride on to natural drug-addled success- it’s better than Pro Plus and cocaine!

(Note: No amount of oily fish or bran flakes will make up for the six months of lectures you slept through. It’s health food, not magic)

Phoebe Harkin

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