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Earthquake Felt In Nottingham

At 5.20 am this morning an earthquake was felt across the East Midlands. The British Geological Survey reported the quake which is believed to have been 13km below ground, with a magnitude of 2.9.

The tremor was felt in Derbyshire, Leicester and Nottinghamshire. The epicentre was near Loughborough.

Nottingham University Phd student Philip Whitehead told Impact that he “was awoken by a low noise and short tremor” at his home in Nottingham. He commented that it felt like “someone or some furniture had fallen next door”.

Second year Nottingham student James Templeton told Impact that he felt a “weird ‘bounce’”.

The earthquake is estimated to be one million times weaker than the Japanese earthquake in 2011, where nearly 16,000 people were killed.

Assistant Seismologist at the British Geological Survey, Julian Bukits, told Impact that “earthquakes of the magnitude of this morning’s event near Loughborough occur about 4 or 5 times per year”.

Bukits also said that “you would need an earthquake to be of at least a magnitude 4.5 before you would even expect to see hairline cracks in plaster-work and slightly bigger than 4.5 before a few tiles start to fall off roofs”.

There have been no reports of damage in the East Midlands as a result of the earthquake, although witnesses in Leicester noted that their houses “creaked”.

Whitehead commented that this morning’s earthquake was less “obvious and perceptible” in comparison with the earthquake felt in Nottingham in 2008, which had a magnitude of 4.7. This morning’s earthquake was the fourth in the East Midlands since 2002.

Emily Tripp

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  • Deborah
    18 January 2013 at 12:05
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    I felt the earthquake too- it felt like someone was shaking my bed!

  • Daniel
    18 January 2013 at 12:28
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    Yeah felt it too, woke up and checked my phone, 5.21 am…. thought id dreamt it lol

  • talz
    30 January 2013 at 20:09
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    weird bounces are always suspect.

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