Album Review: The History of Apple Pie – ‘Out of View’

There currently seems to be a nineties music renaissance going on. Every time you’re browsing online up pops another artist who could potentially be the secret lovechild of Pavement’s Stephen Malkmus and My Bloody Valentines’ Bilinda Butcher. One of the more recent contenders to enter the running for having this noble bloodline is London based The History of Apple Pie, with their debut album Out Of View.

As their name and appearance suggest, THOAP generally offer a more Bubblegum Pop approach to the reasonably miserable genre of Shoegaze. However, the album’s opening track, ‘Tug’, differs; its heavy Lo-Fi sound combined with a minimal vocal role suggest the band wants to make it clear form the start this is not just a ‘pop record’.

The single ‘See You’ is perhaps more what you’d expect form the band; based on dreamy Shoegaze but enough catchy hooks that it could easily appear in the soundtrack to a Skins episode. Other songs such as ‘I Want More’ combine the dreamy vocals with post-rock guitar work and the repetitive catchy riffs in ‘Do It Wrong’ sound like they could be from The Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream.

Out Of View has got a lot to offer as an album, and it’s a debut promising a lot of potential for the band. THOAP’s sound does seem to be grounded in the Nineties, but they’re not trying to mirror one particular genre or band. As for whether any band members are secret celebrity lovechildren, I’m considering setting up a website soon for conspiracy theorists to share information. Contact if interested.

Ian Fillingham

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